Education CommitteeFurther written evidence submitted by AQA (Annex B)

Nelson Thornes Background

For a number of years AQA exclusively endorsed a range of text books, from Nelson Thornes, for A level and GCSE courses.

The four-year contract expired in August 2011 and has not been renewed. It was originally entered into by AQA when it was felt essential to ensure that there were materials to support the full range of qualifications, at a time of major specification reform.

It is our view that with changing technologies there are other resources being made available in other ways to support teaching, which is of particular relevance in the less widely taught subjects that might not attract publishers on an economic basis.

We have been reviewing our links with the publishing industry since May 2011 and are planning to work with a range of publishers to quality-assure resources for individual subjects and levels on a non-exclusive basis.

The contract, with Nelson Thornes, that expired in 2011 had a number of run-out commitments in relation to existing material for existing specifications, which we will of course honour.

Prepared 2nd July 2012