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Appendix 1: Letters to the Committee from Sarah Teather MP, Minister of State for Children and Families

Letter from Sarah Teather (14 May 2012)

Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission:
Chair- Pre-Appointment Hearing

The Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission is being established to monitor progress, by Government and others in society, against the objectives of improving social mobility and reducing child poverty, reporting annually to Government on progress made. An exercise to appoint the Chair and Members to the Commission has begun, all of which will be Ministerial appointments. The Chair will be expected to lead the Commission, establishing it as an influential and credible voice on social mobility and child poverty, as well as being an advocate and challenger to external institutions for the social mobility agenda.

As you will be aware, the current published list of posts subject to pre-appointment scrutiny by Select Committee was agreed in August 2009, therefore, this post is not included. My Ministerial colleagues have agreed that, given the high profile of the Commission and the role of the Chair, they would like to make the post of Chair subject to pre-appointment scrutiny.

I am offering the Education Select Committee the opportunity to hold such a hearing. I would appreciate it if this hearing would be conducted before the end of June. This is so that the formal appointment can be made before summer recess, enabling the Chair to be involved in the interviews for the Members, expected to take place in August. I realise that this is a demanding timescale and I will ensure that officials in the Child Poverty Unit provide full assistance to the Committee if the Committee agree to take up this opportunity.

Please could you let me know if the Education Select Committee is willing to hold this pre-appointment hearing?

I am copying this letter to Lynn Gardner.

Letter from Sarah Teather (25 June 2012)

Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission: Chair

I am writing to invite the Education Select Committee to hold a pre-appointment hearing with our preferred candidate, Alan Milburn, for the post of Chair of the Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission.

I understand that 10th July has been identified as the date on which this hearing could take place and that officials have been liaising with the Committee to ensure that you will have all the information required. Enclosed is a short memorandum which contains the background to this post and information on the appointment process.

I look forward to your embargoed report on the hearing before it is published. As set out in the guidance for pre-appointments, the Committee's views will be considered before confirming the appointment.

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