Building New Nuclear: the challenges ahead - Energy and Climate Change Contents

List of additional written evidence

(published in Volume II on the Committee's website

15  Brian Catt  Ev w1

16  David Thorpe  Ev w7

17  James Lawton  Ev w8

18  Martin Blaiklock  Ev w11

19  GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy  Ev w16

20  Gwyn Evans BSc Ceng  Ev w20

21  Horizon Nuclear Power  Ev w21

22  The Institute of Physics  Ev w23

23  Nuclear Industry Association  Ev w24

24  Nuclear Issues  Ev w28

25  Peter Mellor  Ev w28

26  University Of Greenwich  Ev w30

27  The Royal Academy of Engineering  Ev w35

28  Donald Miller  Ev w36

29  SSE  Ev w37

30  Tim Deere-Jones  Ev w39

31  Weinberg Foundation  Ev w83

32  World Wildlife Fund UK  Ev w86

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