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Energy and Climate Change Committee - Written Evidence


CONTENTS: The Economics of Wind Power

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WIND 02 Maureen Beaumont

WIND 03 D E Simmons CEng; MIMechE; CMIOSH; RMaPS

WIND 04 Galloway Landscape And Renewable Energy (GLARE)

WIND 05 Dr. Ian Woollen

WIND 06 Energy Technologies Institute (ETI)

WIND 07 Viscount Monckton of Brenchley


WIND 09 Roland Heap

WIND 10 David Campbell

WIND 11 The Renewable Energy Foundation

WIND 11A Further written evidence submitted by The Renewable Energy Foundation

WIND 12 Brian Skittrall

WIND 13 Sir Donald Miller

WIND 14 Hengistbury Residents' Association (HENRA)

WIND 15 Environmentalists for Nuclear Energy - UK

WIND 16 REG WINDpower Ltd

WIND 17 Adrian J Snook

WIND 18 Montgomeryshire Local Council Forum; Welshpool Town Council

WIND 19 Ian W Murdoch

WIND 20 Mrs Brenda Herrick

WIND 21 Mr N W Woolmington

WIND 22 Professor Jack W Ponton FREng

WIND 23 Mrs Anne Rogers

WIND 24 Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF)

WIND 24A Global Warming Policy Foundation supplementary evidence

WIND 24B Further supplementary written evidence submitted by Global Warming Policy Foundation

WIND 25 Derek Partington

WIND 25A Derek Partington

WIND 26 Professor Michael Jefferson

WIND 27 Robert Beith CEng FIMechE, FIMarE, FEI and Michael Knowles CEng MIMechE

WIND 28 Barry Smith FCCA

WIND 29 The Wildlife Trusts (TWT)

WIND 30 Wyck Gerson Lohman

WIND 31 Brett Kibble

WIND 32 W P Rees BSc. CEng MIET

WIND 33 Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM)

WIND 34 Councillor Ann Cowan

WIND 35 Ian M Thompson

WIND 36 E.ON UK plc

WIND 37 Brian D Crosby

WIND 38 Peter Ashcroft

WIND 39 Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE)

WIND 40 Scottish Renewables

WIND 41 Greenpeace UK; World Wildlife Fund; Friends of the Earth

WIND 41A Greenpeace UK; World Wildlife Fund; Friends of the Earth (Excel format)

WIND 42 Wales and Borders Alliance

WIND 43 National Opposition to WINDfarms

WIND 44 David Milborrow


WIND 46 Dr Howard Ferguson

WIND 47 Grantham Research Institute

WIND 47A Supplementary written evidence from Grantham Research Institute

WIND 48 George F Wood

WIND 49 Greenersky. and Sustainable Sitlington

WIND 50 No NOW group

WIND 51 Roger Helmer

WIND 52 Montgomeryshire Against Pylons

WIND 53 Element Power

WIND 53A Element Power

WIND 54 Jeremy Elgin

WIND 55 Brian Catt

WIND 56 National Grid

WIND 57 Centre for Energy Policy and Technology, Imperial College (ICEPT)

WIND 57a Centre for Energy Policy and Technology, Imperial College (ICEPT)

WIND 58 Abundance Generation

WIND 59 W R B Bowie

WIND 60 Kes Heffer

WIND 61 Alex Henney

WIND 62 Mary Armstrong

WIND 63 Rainbow Trails

WIND 64 GE Energy

WIND 65 Falck Renewables WIND Ltd

WIND 66 CATS - Communities Against Turbines Scotland

WIND 67 Renewable UK


WIND 69 Prof. P Bullough

WIND 70 The Crown Estate


WIND 72 Theodor Oostindie

WIND 73 Carbon Trust & Partnership Renewables

WIND 74 Judith Stretton


WIND 76 Mark Blackwell


WIND 78 Banks Group

WIND 79 Energy UK

WIND 80 Ecotricity

WIND 81 Tata Steel

WIND 82 John Muir Trust

WIND 83 Engineering the Future

WIND 84 Mainstream Renewable Power

WIND 85 Bruce McIntosh

WIND 86 Vestas WIND Systems

WIND 87 Richard Moore

WIND 88A Richard Phillips

WIND 88B Richard Phillips

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