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Energy and Climate Change Committee - Written Evidence


CONTENTS: The Impact of Shale Gas on Energy Markets

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ISG 01 Department of Energy and Climate Change

ISG 02 Thierry Bros

ISG 03 NW France Branch of Labour International

ISG 04 Energy and Utilities Alliance


ISG 06 Institute of Directors

ISG 07 Oil and Gas UK

ISG 08 Civil Engineering Contractors Association

ISG 09 UK Onshore Operators Group

ISG 10 INEOS Olefins and Polymers UK

ISG 10a INEOS Olefins and Polymers UK

ISG 11 Policy Exchange

ISG12 British Ceramic Confederation

ISG13 CNG Services Ltd

ISG14 Chemical Industries Association

ISG15 Cuadrilla Resources

ISG16 No Hot Air

ISG 17 British Geological Survey

ISG 18 EDF Energy

ISG 19 Energy Networks Association

ISG 20 Scotia Gas Networks

ISG 21 Friends of the Earth

ISG 22 Energy Intensive Users Group

ISG 23 Shell

ISG 24 UK Energy Research Centre

ISG 24a UK Energy Research Centre

ISG 26 National Grid

ISG 27 GreyStar

ISG 28 Geological Society


ISG 30 Tyndall, University of Manchester

ISG 31 INEOS ChlorVinyls Limited

ISG 32 Saltford Environment Group

ISG 34 – Environment Agency

ISG35 - ExxonMobil

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