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72.  We welcome the Draft Bill as the next step to introducing much needed reform to the water industry and we urge the Government to maintain momentum and ensure the timely introduction of the Bill itself. We have set out in this report where amendments will be required before the Bill is introduced if it is to successfully bring about the required change to the industry whilst also protecting the interests of all customers. We expect the Government to carefully consider the recommendations we make in this report before introducing a Water Bill to Parliament.

73.  We have also noted those issues that are not addressed in the draft Bill, and in the wider policy field, where the Government still has work to do to implement recommendations made in the Pitt Review and commence provisions in the Flood and Water Management Act 2010. Flooding is becoming an increasingly common—the Government must ensure that it makes use of all the tools at its disposal to reduce the impact of flooding on households and businesses.

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Prepared 1 February 2013