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Table of costs, revised to take account of changes arising from working group meetings.

GB Costs associated with implementation of Roadworthiness Package as at 7 December 2012
Original Cost



€, roe 1.24
5 Dec,

WG Cost (£m)
5 Dec, WG Cost (€m)
New Roadside testing vehicles Purchase (not yet considered in working group) 1114 1114
Meeting 5% Roadside target Extra staff cost (not yet considered in working group) 1924 1924
Trailer Registration scheme1 Scheme set up237 2940 0
Annual retraining of testers2 Training cost and trainee time 7289 1822
Testing Equipment to meet regulation3 Brake rollers, test benches, etc 490608 00
Testing of O1 and O2 trailers4 Tests168 2080 0
TOTAL 9971,236 4860
Capital and operating costs over 5 years (this is the same method as used in the Commission IA)

All costs are GB only, NI and Gibraltar are not included.

Notes (relate to Periodic Testing proposal):-

1. Trailer registration scheme not required, working group text provided an alternative method of obtaining road safety benefits.

2. Annual retraining requirement made more flexible, best practice garages will not be affected, some increase in retraining will be needed for garages that do not follow best practice. Revised costs are estimated and have a high level on uncertainty.

3. Equipment requirements made much more flexible. Some ineffective (and expensive) equipment has been deleted. There may be some costs incurred by maintenance requirements, but these costs relate to processes that should have been happening anyway to ensure equipment is fit for purpose.

4. Testing of small trailers no longer required. O1 trailers are very small, below 750kgs loaded. O2 trailers are between750kgs and 3,500kgs and include things such as most caravans, farmers trailers and horse boxes. (The split in the fleet numbers of O1 and O2 trailers is not known).

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