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Action Plan for Europe


Actor(s) involved
1. Timely and comprehensive transposition of the Third energy package Directives and implementation of the Third energy package Regulations. Member States/national regulators for energy/


March 2011
2. Guidance on defining the concept of "vulnerable customers". Commission2013
3. Rigorous application of the internal energy and competition rules. Commission/Member States/national regulators for energy/national competition authorities Continuous
4. Enhance effectiveness of Regional Initiatives and their contribution to the integration of the internal energy market. Commission/Member States/national regulators for energy/ACER Continuous
5. Revision of guidelines on State aid for environmental protection. CommissionEnd 2013/
Beginning 2014
Improve consumer empowerment and support
1. Further efforts to involve, inform and motivate consumers, including through the implementation of the Energy Efficiency Directive and through web-based content for consumers pointing to relevant consumer-protection resources and energy consumers' main rights. Commission/Member States/national regulators for energy/consumer associations 2013/2014
2. Through the Citizens' Energy Forum, support Member States in setting the scope for research, data collection and reporting on energy retail markets. Commission/Member States/national regulators for energy/consumer associations 2013
3. Improve information provision to consumers, establish guidelines and best practice on price comparison tools, clear and transparent billing, and on support to vulnerable consumers. Commission/Member States/national regulators for energy/consumer associations 2013
4. Targeted assistance to vulnerable consumers to make informed choices and giving them the necessary support to enable them to cover their energy needs in competitive retail markets. Commission/Member States2013
Making EU Energy Systems fit for the future
1. Adopt and implement network codes

- in electricity:

capacity allocation and congestion management rules

rules for longer-term (forward) capacity allocation network connection rules

system operation

- in gas:

capacity allocation balancing rules including network-related rules on nomination procedure, rules for imbalance charges and rules for operational balancing between transmission system operators' systems interoperability and data exchange rules

rules regarding harmonised transmission tariff structures.

ACEIR / ENTSOs / Commission/ Member States/national regulators for energy 2013/2014
2. Swift adoption and implementation of the Energy Infrastructure Package. Council/European Parliament/Member States/ national regulators for energy December 2012
3. Adoption of the first Union list of Projects of Common Interest. Commission/Member States2013
4. Create framework and market for broad introduction of smart appliances (e.g. via R&D support, standardisation, eco-design and energy labelling). Commission/stakeholders (in particular European standard-isation organisations) 2014
5. Prepare national action plans for swift deployment of smart grids. Member States / Commission2013
6. Reflection on future roles and responsibilities of DSOs, demand response, smart appliances and home automation, distributed generation and energy saving obligation schemes. Commission/Member States2013
7. Analyse how the internal energy market can contribute to improving energy efficiency. Commission2013
8.Analyse how technology development, including storage technology and micro-generation, can link up with energy market developments. Commission2013
Ensuring appropriate State interventions

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1. Phase-out of regulated gas and electricity prices taking into account universal service obligation and effective protection of vulnerable customers. Commission/Member States2009 and beyond
2. Analyse investment incentives and generation adequacy in electricity under the existing European framework; and develop criteria for assessing and ensuring consistency of national capacity-related initiatives with the internal market. Member States/Commission2013 and beyond
3. Adopt guidance on support schemes for renewable. Commission2nd/3rd quarter 2013
4. Formalise the Electricity Coordination Group CommissionOctober 2012
5. Phase-out of environmentally harmful subsidies, including direct and indirect fossil-fuel subsidies. Commission/Member StatesBy 2020 at the latest

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