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List of Reports from the Committee during the current Parliament

Reports and Evidence from the Foreign Affairs Committee since 2010
The following reports and evidence have been produced in the present Parliament.

Session 2010–12    
First Special Report Turks and Caicos Islands: Government Response to the Committee’s Seventh Report of Session 2009–10 HC 623
First Report Future inter-parliamentary scrutiny of EU foreign, defence and security policy HC 697 (n/a)
Second Report FCO Public Diplomacy: The Olympic and Paralympic Games 2012 HC 581 (Cm 8059)
Third Report FCO Performance and Finances HC 572 (Cm 8060)

Fourth Report
The UK’s foreign policy approach to Afghanistan and Pakistan HC 514 (Cm 8064)

Fifth Report
Scrutiny of Arms Export Controls (2011): UK Strategic Export Controls Annual Report 2009, Quarterly Reports for 2010, licensing policy and review of export control legislation HC 686 (Cm 8079)

Sixth Report
The Implications of the Cuts to the BBC World Service HC 849 (HC 1058)
Seventh Report The Role of the FCO in UK Government HC 665 (Cm 8125)

Eighth Report
The FCO’s Human Rights Work 2010–11 HC 964 (Cm 8169)
Ninth Report UK-Brazil Relations HC 949 (Cm 8237)

Tenth Report

Piracy off the coast of Somalia
HC 1318 (Cm 8324)
Eleventh Report
Departmental Annual Report 2010¬–11
HC 1618 (Cm 8360)

Session 2012–13    
First Report Scrutiny of Arms Exports (2012): UK Strategic Export Controls Annual Report 2010, Quarterly Reports for July to December 2010 and January to September 2011, the Government's Review of arms exports to the Middle East and North Africa, and wider arms control issues HC 419 (Cm 8441)
Second Report British foreign policy and the ‘Arab Spring’ HC 80 (Cm 8436)
Third Report The FCO’s human rights work in 2012–13 HC 116 (Cm 8506)

Fourth Report
The role and future of the Commonwealth HC 114 (Cm 8521)

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