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List of Reports from the Committee during the current Parliament

The reference number of the Government's response to each Report is printed in brackets after the HC printing number.

Session 2012-13
First ReportEffectiveness of the Committee in 2010-12 HC 144
Second ReportWork of the Permanent Secretary (April-Dec 2011) HC 145
Third ReportPre-appointment Hearing for Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Constabulary HC 183
Fourth ReportPrivate Investigators HC 100
Fifth ReportThe work of the UK Border Agency (Dec 2011-March 2012) HC 71
Sixth ReportThe work of the Border Force HC 523
Seventh ReportOlympics Security HC 531
Eighth ReportThe work of the UK Border Agency (April-June 2012) HC 603

Session 2010-12
First ReportImmigration Cap HC 361
Second ReportPolicing: Police and Crime Commissioners HC 511
Third ReportFirearms Control HC 447
Fourth ReportThe work of the UK Border Agency HC 587
Fifth ReportPolice use of Tasers HC 646
Sixth ReportPolice Finances HC 695
Seventh ReportStudent Visas HC 773
Eighth ReportForced marriage HC 880
Ninth ReportThe work of the UK Border Agency (November 2010-March 2011) HC 929
Tenth ReportImplications for the Justice and Home Affairs area of the accession of Turkey to the European Union HC 789
Eleventh ReportStudent Visas - follow up HC 1445
Twelfth ReportHome Office - Work of the Permanent Secretary HC 928
Thirteenth ReportUnauthorised tapping into or hacking of mobile communications HC 907
Fourteenth ReportNew Landscape of Policing HC 939
Fifteenth ReportThe work of the UK Border Agency (April-July 2011) HC 1497
Sixteenth ReportPolicing large scale disorder HC 1456
Seventeenth Report UK Border ControlsHC 1647
Eighteenth ReportRules governing enforced removals from the UK HC 563
Nineteenth ReportRoots of violent radicalisation HC 1446
Twentieth ReportExtradition HC 644
Twenty-first Report Work of the UK Border Agency (August-Dec 2011) HC 1722

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