Home Affairs Committee - Drugs: Breaking the CycleWritten evidence submitted by the UK Cannabis Social Club (DP177)

My name is Greg de Hoedt I am 24 years old and I write this on behalf of myself and the members of the UK Cannabis Social Club (UKCSC) that have established themselves throughout the last year. I have travelled and worked in several different legally regulated cannabis industries in various roles throughout from top to bottom, with uncensored insight. My experience has played a great role in my own health during the time I spent in the Medical Marijuana States in America that have made state provisions to allow the use and cultivation of cannabis.

As a sufferer of Crohn’s Disease I used the medicine that has supporting and exciting data to back up its efficacy and managed to put on 30lb in weight on my very frail frame. I rarely have weight over 10 stone in my adult life, with cannabis I can easily go past that and start to live a normal, productive, happy life again. I can use my degree but only if my use of cannabis is tolerated as it is the only way for me to live a function-able life.

I am a filmmaker and have been solely investigating this industry relating with the experts in science, law reform, policy making, patients and industry professionals for over two years. I have been given the most trusting of positions in my travels to information and insights that cannabis consumers and activist can only dream of.

I have documented much of these findings on my YouTube Channel CannabisCureTV and website.1

In all we want recreational drugs to be reclassified and use, misuse, abuse and harm be determined if there is to be government intervention with drug taking and drinking.

I hope that you are able to take something from my experience and would be pleased and honoured if I was called to present further evidence to assist in your review of current drug policy in regards to cannabis culture and industry in the UK. I shall now leave you to read our advice as set out by Parliament.co.uk. Thank you for this opportunity.

Thank You and Hello.

We are the United Kingdom Cannabis Social Clubs and we have taken the opportunity to address the situation of the cannabis market in Britain for your reviewing and consideration for the committee reviewing current dug policy. Our teams experience combined amounts to over 500 years of cannabis use and cultivation in the UK, Europe, Asia, Africa and United States. We contribute this information with experience both in the more legally regulated and tolerated countries and states as well as the illegal involvement of the industry in both UK, Europe, Asia, Africa and America.

We do this because we truly believe it is time for change and that Britain can be the country that leads the way of the legally regulated cannabis industries using the knowledge and resources we have available and those concerned show willingness to provide its ease of transition. These include medical professionals, scientists, lawyers, barristers, senior police officials, long term members of parliament, independent drug advice and reform agencies/organisations, smugglers, growers, distributors, both members of the community and public which in some instances have more than 50 years personal involvement in the culture themselves.

The Misuse of Drugs Act 1971

Has failed to do what it set out to do.

Is intended for and possibly very capable of doing.

Should control the Misuse rather than the Use of drugs. Drug use has not been restricted from growing in popularity but rather the contrary.

It focuses solely on the use and prohibition of some substances and criminalisation of the person found with them, but avoids other drugs and openly defends tradition as reason the misuse of alcohol for example, is not included in the act for which it is responsible for £19billion year in social costs and harm (Alcohol Statistics 2011), and is directly attributed to the cause of death of 9–14,000 drinkers a year directly, and up to 250,000 further additional contributions to death cause by alcohol induced diseases.

Has allowed for stereotyping and racial profiling of what a drug user/cannabis consumer is and looks like, breeding prejudice and intolerance in society.

Has denied millions of patients suffering from debilitating illnesses and diseases from accessing safe medicine and from their Doctors from prescribing or recommending it to ease pain, symptoms and improve quality of life.

Currently provides an environment for a free black market to thrive, which is largely run and organised by criminal gangs with international ties responsible for human trafficking, automatic weapons trafficking and money laundering, not to forget child slavery. Gang rivalry and conflict causes consumers and non-consumers a threat and artificial unnecessary market inflation.

The Act:

Is out dated.

Is discriminate.

Has failed and made the cannabis community more dangerous; and

provides a framework for the Government to control and allow a monopoly on cannabis; and

hands this power over to the wealthy pharmaceutical industries that are responding to our claims while they criminalise us.

Promotes inequality and hate from both criminalised and non-criminalised users for each other and the governing parties of the Act.

It is deeply within the interest of the Government, the Home Office and the Department of Health not to mention the taxpayers to resolve these issues and we hope these proposals can be helpful in your careful planning and considerations.

Cannabis Culture

Cannabis is the most widely used illicit drug in the UK and the world so it therefore makes sense to address its trade and consumption on a separate scale than other current black market drugs. There are many good reasons for this as follows:

Cannabis is a plant that can be cultivated easily at home.

Without much extensive know how indoors.

Which gives it such ease of prevalence and also much difficulty in trying to enforce such a wide spread eradication with much effectiveness.

More money is being spent on enforcement with no real result.

Police raids on commercial grows are quickly replaced by another criminal business enterprise (gang) or someone who can just grow cannabis in their spare room (hobby/medical grower) able to help out friends/patients with better product cheaper or free.

Not everyone who grows cannabis is a dangerous or hardened criminal but; the easiness in cultivation of this plant gives gangs a quick foot in the door to make large money from a harvest or two in two to four months which give them enough capitol to grow a bigger harvest and then move into other criminal and black market trade that can fetch more money but has higher risks and more criminal activity involved that has much more serious implications than just growing and selling weed that isn’t of a decent quality or heath standard that consumers should have available if they are going to use cannabis as their drug of choice.

Cannabis is currently forced into the wider drug market with cocaine, heroin and ketamine which are much more often contaminated, untellable to the consumer before ingestion with unknown purity or if they are even that substance at all. These drugs can all be fatal, cannabis cannot. Looking at the deaths blamed on recent legal high drug Methadrone, deaths occurred bec ause the students were given methadone, an opiate that has the euphoria (high) molecule removed and they were not buying from someone who cared about the product just wanted the money. We have a tragic loss of life which could have been avoided so we will return to look at concern of legal highs again later in this proposal.

The use of cannabis is broadly prevalent in British culture and it has been for centuries, a hemp growing nation that used its fibres to sail the seas and build our noble empire, O’Shaughnessy the medical practitioner that first carried out real modern scientific studies on cannabis and the colonies interaction with it in India, it recorded use as a medicine which is deeply engrained in our heritage and always will be regardless of the law and enforcement of those laws. Shakespeare and Dickens are both validated hemp flower smokers and are responsible for some of the most important pieces of English literature:



recreational; and

medical use all have scientific and/or traditional legitimacy so to discriminate against cannabis when a cultural drug like sugar or beer, a religious drug like wine, a recreational drug like tobacco and a medicinal drug like morphine can marketed, sold and accepted is sending out the wrong message to the public and the young.

Recreational drugs have the potential for abuse as all drugs do, weather prescribed, socially acceptable or illicit they can all have unintentional effects that can lead to harm. Use, misuse, abuse and harm need to be more widely determined by discussion of experts in the field. Individuals that have a problem or concern should not be criminalised before or when that problem becomes greater instead they should be helped, guided and given any medical assistance they need. Criminalisation of any drug use is counterproductive to personal and greater social progress.


1. We propose that cannabis possession, cultivation and supply be made legal for domestic and commercial properties, now on a wider scale than current.

This proposal is on the basis of GW Pharmaceuticals being granted a license for research and marketing authorisation as a medicine. The authority was granted by the Home Secretary, David Blunkett in confidence that it would provide evidence of cannabis’ safety and efficacy, and that the two dangerous factors of cannabis could be removed. This has been achieved but can be proved was never really an issue in the first instance.

To remove the high associated with cannabis which leads to psychosis; this was disproved after the Advisory Council on Misuse of Drugs (ACMD) and Government funded the Keele University report witch stated in 2009 that there is no causal link between long term cannabis use and the rates of mental health diagnosis. It found to prevent one person possibly having a negative mental-health reaction to cannabis 5000 men would have to be stopped from ever using cannabis and an even higher number for women, a task which is impractical and proven to be so for the last 51 years.

Secondly, to remove the harm caused by smoking cannabis; which has twice since been confirmed is not a reason for concern in two of the largest ever-conducted studies spanning 20 years. The intention was to prove the damage caused by the use of cannabis. Their scientific publications report that there was fewer incidences of skin, head, neck, mouth and throat cancer in those that inhale pure cannabis than not smoking at all and much less risk of course than those who smoke tobacco. More recently it has been analysed from the 20-year research data that cannabis does not impair pulmonary function and may even increase users’ lung capacity when smoking pure. This research was funded by the US Government.

Cannabis is not responsible for thousands of lung cancer cases per year, tobacco is restricted only by age and does cause those cancers directly.

GW Pharmaceuticals have been growing cannabis in England since 1998 and have passed every trial they have carried out on Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD) with promising results and no negative side-effects other than some users with their first experience which was avoided on second treatment. This shows the importance of situation and administration or interaction with cannabis (as has been argued by campaigners in the drug reform movement for half a century) very much changes the experience. With the variety and level of un-control on the black market there is a much higher chance of coming across dangerous cannabis or a strain that is not suitable for you which both can cause harm to the user and end up spreading disinformation. The validity of cannabinoids non-toxicity is unchallengeable now in the 21st century, this is partly due to licenses granted to the British Pharmaceutical company that have been able to carry out studies to prove this as a new $80 billion pain treatment has been realised within cannabis. 2012 sees GW Pharmaceuticals go global in distribution through Big Pharma giants Bayer and Novartis.

Any time that recreational or non medical cannabis consumers are being criminalised medical users are going to be caught in the crossfire. It is an impossible moral to impose as history has shown. It can be better contolled and is elsewhere in the world.

2. We propose that the clarification be made; Nabiximols is Sativex is Cannabis and nothing else. Any other explanation of any their active ingredient is a perverse distortion of the truth and provides malediction and harm.

3. We propose that doctors and medical professionals legally be able to advise the use of or prescribe cannabis as a medicine and information and education be made available or put in place to ensure that doctors, consultants and all medical professionals have the facts about cannabis based on science, not media propaganda and gutter press.

4. We propose that a legal regulated market be made possible via careful legislation to ensure the safety and rights of those that use and do not use cannabis are not diminished and that proper education based on science and experience be made available to reduce any potential harm.

If people want to reduce or stop using cannabis they should be able to do so with the correct place and information to help them, currently methodone and valium are used to treat cannabis “withdrawal” which is very mild, very short and very dangerous when replaced by opiates of which cannabis is not and which are much more addictive and harmful than cannabis with much more potential for abuse.

If a cannabis user were to move on to an illegal opiate on the street that would blamed on the gateway theory but here we have a real situation where a questionable diagnosis is giving justice to prescription of class A drugs legally. This issue is serious and needs to be addressed to reduce wider harms, especially of the young and vulnerable who have been educated improperly about the comparison of cannabis to other drugs it has been classed with.

5. We propose that the age restriction for involvement with cannabis be made at 18 years of age as in line with the tobacco and alcohol regulations.

Currently we have a complex regulation for alcohol consumption, which allows parents to buy alcoholic drink for children over the age of four providing the drink is not over 40%. Given the serious potential for abuse and individual and social harm of the drug alcohol, is it not reasonable to point out that this is generating a broad acceptance of the use of alcohol from a very young and vulnerable age?

Cannabinoids on the other hand are found in mothers-milk of all mammals naturally as they are essential to life. Infant mammals that had their CB1 receptors (cannabinoids 1) blocked refused to suckle and died in scientific lab controlled studies. However, babies that test positive for metabolised phyto-cannabinoids in their faecal matter, potentially get taken away from social services and the parents can get a criminal record and be restricted from raising their child.

We add that the medical use of cannabis should be accepted for any age with the consent and advice of their medical practitioner if they feel that the science supports its use for a certain condition that would potentially improve that child life.

6, We propose that domestic cannabis cultivation be un-prohibited for adults within a non-commercial scale. (Hobby/Personal/Medical)

If a legally regulated market is made available for those that do not wish, are not interested in or unable to grow their own then those that are capable, interested and want do so should be able to do so and not be criminalised. There are many joys and teachings from cannabis cultivation learned and handed down by traditions that are not just about the fruit that the plant eventually produces, although the aim is to produce a good quality end product. As stated before, not everyone that grows cannabis is a criminal, a gang member or trying growing for financial gain. Street cannabis is expensive, unclean and incorrectly handled and can be grown or kept in deeply unsanitary conditions. This is potential to put unnecessary strain on the health services.

It is easier to grow good quality and palatable cannabis at home for cheaper than it is possible to brew your own beer or wine at home that are very basic, just because you can kits, and can produce a very harmful end product that anyone of any age can get their hands on and possible die. Again, this is not the case for cannabis and it is not enforced in any measure comparable to cannabis cultivation.

7. We propose that those who apply for commercial licenses as GW Pharmaceuticals are able to produce 300 tonnes of cannabis a year under be considered more carefully rather than being completely denied and rejected.

GW has made all scientific data and research freely available to the public and I quote Executive Chairman Geoffrey Guy as saying “This is scientific research published freely for anyone to use for any purposes or pursue any arguments they wish to pursue concerning cannabis”.

Commercial properties and cannabis farmers should be able to form a union and official national alliance to set standard for commercial cannabis cultivation to maintain the ethics and health standards of the industry for farmers, workers and consumers. The products produced in legal cannabis gardens will be available in dedicated cannabis retail outlets.

8. We propose that cannabis not be sold premixed or cut with other drugs such as tobacco.

Cannabis tinctures with a small proportion of pure alcohol have been prescribed in British medicine ofr centuries all bar the last 41 years until the reintroduction of Sativex the newly branded cannabis/alcohol tincture by licensed GW Pharmaceuticals.

9. We propose that any tax system introduced or necessary for the regulation of the legal cannabis industry and trade be primarily dedicated to subsidise the cost of the cost for medicinal users of cannabis and tax generated be used to repair the damage caused by cannabis prohibition over the last 51 years. Programs for public awareness, education, scientific research, youth and adult rebuilding schemes and reintroduction to society and work by those unfairly and unjustly criminalised for their involvement with cannabis.

Taking steps to introduce a legal cannabis market creates a whole range of jobs that are suitable for a wide variety of people but most noticeable those with a more alternative lifestyle than contemporary. Currently there are many that have been criminalised for involvement with cannabis that have rendered then unemployable but they do have knowledge and experience in this field and would be able to fill a job in this industry. This would generate more income based tax which is currently being handed to a largely criminal market with an unregulated industry that works very much in a similar way but with no quality control of the product or concern for consumer rights or health and safety.

When people are given the option of very good quality cannabis that they know the constituents and quality control off they do not wish to buy it from the streets or an unsafe source. It needs to be and is easily made more open and scare-less with honesty. The tobacco industry are able to add over 400 chemicals that contribute to the serious harm of the user and wider society and able to do so with secrecy and protection. We believe this to be unethical both in practice, business and human nature.

10. We propose the Government urge the Department of Health and Home Office if they are to remain the governing body for regulation of cannabis to pursue a campaign such as TOKE PURE as CLEAR have proposed to reduce the consumption of tobacco when smoking cannabis. Many that consume cannabis but do not smoke cigarettes still cut their cannabis with tobacco, this is an unnecessary harm and education can be introduced to prevent nicotine and tobacco addiction through the habit of one drug. Cannabis has been proven to be much less addictive than tobacco and similar to that of coffee but is not responsible for the 10,000 cases of overdose a ear as caffeine is nor the 1,000,000 hospital admissions a year for alcohol or the XXX diagnoses of cigarette related cancer per year. Quite simply cannabis is a safer option and by criminalising the possession, cultivation and supply other than to GW Pharma being able to do so has forced the majority of the public that wish to take mind altering, mind and body stimulating or mind numbing drugs to only use ones that cause harm to the body and mind.

We believe that there is a direct correlation between cannabis prohibition and the increased use of legal high drugs. Legal highs are used to avoid the social harms associated with cannabis or dug use. Much of the times these legal highs are sold as bath salts or something similar on the internet, in reality they are analogue synthetic cannabinoids that have been created for testing on rats in lab conditions simply because it is too hard to get a licence to use real cannabis to test die to its class in the misuse of drugs act and the claim that it is put in there because there is not enough study and evidence on it is an out dated claim in 2012. The ever-growing synthetic drug market is a concern to public, parents and government but is a product of cannabis prohibition. Cannabis is capable of evoking a wide range of effects and better guidance in its consumption and sale would remove the need of said legal highs which are much more likely to cause harm as their creator Hoffmann even claims.

11. We propose that the allowance of Cannabis Social Clubs be legally provisioned for to allow cannabis consumers safe social and public access to use and consumption as available to those that use alcohol and can freely walk into pubs to drink to an unregulated or controlled level of intoxication. We promote the idea of a purchase limit to discourage the resale of cannabis products to minors.

12. We propose that all non-violent cannabis prisoners be released and all those convicted be pardoned so they can have the best chance at restoring and renewing their path of life again so they can contribute to the greater society as they wish to, but are restricted from due to the sanctions imposed with a criminal record.

13. We propose that cannabis be removed from the Home Office who should remain to deal with crime. It is crime that uses the benefits of cannabis prohibition to make money, not that cannabis is evil and makes people into criminals as The Daily Mail may have half the nation believing.

14. We propose that either cannabis be removed from the A, B, C Class system or that a new one be introduced for recreational drugs in which the likes of alcohol, tobacco, potentially ecstasy and mushrooms can be used with moderation, guidance and education.


We propose that there be an investigation into the sacking of Professor David Nutt by Alan Johnston and the relationship between Gordon Brown and Paul Dacre of the Press Complaints Commission and The Daily Mail/Sunday Mail which has allegations of a deal being made for the reclassification of cannabis in exchange for the support of the newspaper during leadership. Something a failing, unelected Prime Minister might have needed is the support of the most read newspaper in the UK. Countless lives have been damaged by these actions and justice needs to be brought upon those guilty.

We propose that the government apologise and admit that they have been wrong about cannabis. This will be an act that shows the public that they really do mean they want change. Much trust has been lost towards the Government because of the big cannabis lie about the harms and dangers of it so much so that there are man that simply refuse to believe or trust anything the Government do. We believe this is counterproductive and damaging to wider society, the truth is available to those that wish to find it but all the while untruths and misrepresentations of science are being regurgitated and distributed by MP’s and Ministers on the Cabinet to public and individuals that take the effort to interact with them.

We request the apology from David Cameron for spreading lies and disinformation about cannabis which he claimed was very toxic, very harmful and leads to many cases of serious mental health issues. 750 people a year on average go to hospital for cannabis use, less than 100 are under 18. Meanwhile I believe we have already addressed the figures for alcohol and tobacco. He claims that to make another drug legal would increase its prevalence and therefore harms. I hope you will take reference to what we have discussed above to see we can reduce those few harms currently created under black market conditions in regard to health. David Cameron is after all a cannabis smoker from his youth at the privileged school of Eton and avoided expulsion while his friends were not so lucky and went on to become harder drug users and have criminal records as he became an affluent young politician and Prime Minister. A great social experiment we hope you agree, though unfortunate to the damaged lives as a result.

We propose an investigation into the £10 million spent on seed stock by the Government to Hortipharm NL that were operating under a license given by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) of America to the Dutch company who had it revoked by the Dutch Government when they discovered of its existence. It had been enabling Hortipharm NL to cultivate on mass large quantities of cannabis seeds set for the market that grew them illegally and lead to the distribution of cannabis on the street. This is the same Skunk Cannabis that is apparently so dangerous but which GW Pharmaceutical breed with. They are one in the same.

Advice from the United Kingdom Cannabis Social Clubs about the Classification of Cannabis as a Prohibited Drug in the UK for the Home Affairs Committee on Drugs Policy 2012

Please refer to UKCSCs Proposals document for further information.


The Governments current drug strategy is financially damaging and wasteful. It creates a false economy between police government and criminals. Extremely large proportions of money are allocated to eradicate the prevalence of cannabis and all drugs under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971, from society.

It has failed to do so and run up a huge bill in the mean time. This is irresponsible for the Government to continue into the future with and there is quite frankly no need to do so anymore with such a wide variety of sources to collect data and first-hand experience from globally.

The Governments own financial findings show that that the more money spent on enforcing prohibition, the larger the budget gets the next year and so on the problem and department grows. This financial gain for the police force has created a situation where the police are creating conditions for criminals for them to catch.

Prohibition is an artificial economy based on a game of cat and mouse or cops and robbers, quite literally although many being dragged through the courts in the expensive wasteful program dictated by policy (MDA71) are not robbers or criminals of any type, just personal hobby or medical growers.

Prohibition creates a few more unnecessary restrictions on agricultural production of cannabis.


The Government have rejected the personal and independent scientific advice on cannabis. Les Iverson’s speech at the British Medical Association in January 2011 Bringing Cannabis Back Into The Medicine Cabinet while he is the chairman of the ACMD seems quite contradictory as the Government say it has no medicinal benefits.

However, they have also allowed the Home Office to grant a license to GW Pharmaceuticals to produce Sativex which is simply cannabis in an alcohol tincture with a precise single dose to each spray. This is made available to only a few of the sickest patients it was intended for at an alarming inflated rate to that of the price it would cost to produce at home, which is also quite easy.

Dr Geoffrey Guy Chief Executive of GW Pharmaceuticals has given a lecture to Patients Out of Time an American Medical Marijuana Conference in 2002, Seattle Washington for home growers fighting to save their lives with cannabis. In this lecture he stated that anyone conducting a single dose medication with cannabis in a trial will probably fail, yet he passed all of his, quite rightly his claims and tests match the millions of testimonies which inspires his investigations.

The evidence is indisputable, cannabis is a medicine and it is non-toxic. He says some patients need only 20mg of cannabinoids a day, other 120mg a day—no two patients are the same.

Public Health

Currently the Government part takes in a public slur campaign against cannabis and cannabis consumers, this is counterproductive, as we know that the Government and individuals in the Government who few they have to tow the line feel they are unable to speak their mind or tell the truth. The Government should be promoting equality in 2012 not prejudice and discrimination based on cultural preferences.

This is causing much more damage than needs to be done. The individual and greater harm that it can and does lead to and has already been caused is likely to take a century to see a significant change. It is important that we start now to avoid further extension to that time.

Currently cannabis is associated and stigmatised with other drugs that is should not really be classed along side with, or sold next to, or by the people it is currently sold or pushed by. They do not care who buys what at any age and no ID other than the Queens face is used.

Since 1976 when the Dutch policy of tolerance for cannabis was introduced the heroin rate has not risen in that time, the same cannot be said for the UK as heroin use has sky-rocketed 2000% just by allowing them to be sold next to each other completely uncontrolled or unregulated.

In the early 2000s there was a large proportion of contaminated cannabis being shipped in from Europe. This was known as grit weed and the harms caused by this were more dangerous than smoking cannabis, tobacco or both. The cannabis was adulterated with sharp sparkly objects that were small enough to evade the unknowing eye. When the cannabis was light these particles mostly now identifiable as metal filings and glass finings, sand or fibreglass would heat up to extremely hot temperature. These were inhaled they would stick to the inside of the mouth and lungs burning hols inside the consumer that cannot be repaired.

The Government did nothing to put out health warnings and many took the few warnings out there as a joke. The amount of harm caused by this black market, prohibition induced harm could have been stopped if there was a regulated and non-criminal market for consumers to purchase cannabis from. Instead the damage was blamed on cannabis and the stories spun to spread fear about the dangers of cannabis use.

Being a black market product that is also forced to be taboo there is a lot of myth and conjecture about cannabis’ toxicity and safety. Skunk cannabis and herbal cannabis are the same, one is grown better than the other and one is comparable to wine and the other beer. Hash is comparable to spirits. The person the Government paid £10million of taxpayer money to (Hortipharm NL) for GW to breed with (G being Guy and W being Dave Watson aka Sam the Skunkman) who distributed the same seeds to the illegal growing market for the previous 30 years and growing much of the coffee shop sold weed and world distributed cannabis grown in Holland. He avoided busts while all others around him were raided and moved out of the country. Corruption without Government involved?

On the black market contamination can happen unintentionally through bad growing ethics or practices. Mould is not something consumers should have to come into contact with like any other food or drink produce. Quality control can be introduced for commercial cannabis production gardens or farms in accordance to a cannabis farmers union or alliance.


The Governments framework of prohibition allows criminal gangs to thrive and use cannabis as a cash crop to start up any criminal enterprise in just 2–4months. Their product is not quality so giving the cannabis consumer a legal regulated market place or option to produce their own at home would resolve the criminal’s ability to get this quick funding option.

We honestly do not want to smoke poorly produced cannabis, many are prepared to pay decent prices for their herb and regulation of some kind better than that of now will provide a much more varied option for people to select their cannabis from with advice and guidance if and when needed.

Terrorism is covered via description of international human trafficking gangs that enforce child slavery. The Government also embark on terrorism through a fear campaign of cannabis users and growers of which not all are harmful outside the criminal world. Police raids into personal space are considered an act of terrorism.

Human Rights

Humans are trafficked over to the UK by Vietnamese gangs that have only moved here because they have the environment to do as I have discussed above. They lock up children in houses to grow cannabis crops until they are caught in police raids. They are then put in prison before being deported. A waste of our money on an inhumane unneeded punishment. Just because the law says someone has to pay the price of prison doesn’t mean a victim of a prohibition created criminal enterprise should be traumatised by the experience further. That is irresponsible of the British Government, courts and police force. Those gaining financially from this in humane act should be investigated and brought to justice.

Anyone criminalised, and denied medicine through cannabis prohibition is denied his or her human rights. Some people consciously choose to use cannabis over other mind altering substances like beer or caffeine because there is enough scientific evidence freely available online and in the real world for them to make that decision. The do so at risk of the law because they are conscionable people. To deny those suffering the right to safe access to scientifically and culturally (but not politically) accepted medicine is against Article 8 of the Human Rights Act. Cannabis is Sativex is Nabiximols.


We believe that the Government are not currently working within the guidelines of their drugs policy. It is incoherent and promotes inequality and corruption of the highest kind on the highest level. While the most dangerous substances on the planet with the highest amount of abuse are left off the scheduling and class system, the least toxic plant known to man is set firmly in the middle with much controversy surrounding it.

The Misuse of Drugs Act only prohibits drug use except where it allows Drs the right to prescribe the ones it allows. It does not make any determination between use, misuse, abuse and harm; which are very different and would be much better ways of determining when an intervention via the MDA71 starts to have an impact in a person’s life. Surely that is what “misuse” stands for and is in need of protection.

Perhaps a Use of Drugs Act would be better that categorised all recreational drugs using scientific and social context as a basis for framework. All drugs can be used with reduced harms and that is what a drugs policy should ensure. Currently this is the opposite is happening.

Independent Expert Advice

The Labour Government should be investigated, particularly Gordon Brown, Jacquie Smith, Alan Johnston and the relationship between them and the Daily Mail to investigate the allegations that a deal was made for the paper to switch support to Labour in return for three favours, the third of which was cannabis being reclassified as a Class C. The failing unelected PM needed some support, maybe the biggest newspaper in the country would have been helpful to him?

The ACMD Chair Professor David Nutt was sacked for suggesting cannabis not be reclassified, the Government rejected it, and he also stated cannabis was safer than alcohol and tobacco, with his experience and education ignored the opposite action was taken. His team then left the ACMD rendering it un-functional.

In 2009 the Government and ACMD published their findings of a commissioned analysis of all the data carried out on studies of the instances of schizophrenia and psychosis and the correlation to cannabis. They found that to stop 1 person from using cannabis 5000 people would have to be arrested. This is impractical and shows the damage being caused by the drug war.

The Government to this day MPs the Home office and Dept of Health all state that the lat advice by the ACMD was in 2008 and said the opposite to the 2009 findings from Keele University, and that 1 in 4 is predisposed to be genetically wired to respond badly to cannabis. This claim has been rejected broadly by scientists now but is still promoted as fact. This is a crime against science, nature and the truth.

The UKCSC have proposed a suggestion plan for the reclassification of cannabis and recreational drugs that we wish to be considered. It can be found published on our website http://www.cannabiscure.co.uk/ukcsc

CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform proposed A Clear Plan For Regulating Cannabis In Britain in September 2011 that suggested a framework for regulation based on the IDMU’s findings on their commission. We support their aims but not fully their plans detail for regulation that we find a little imposing and infringing on consumers human rights. We support the need for discussion and regulation.

Richard Branson has also made the suggestion of regulating cannabis after his part in the Global Commission on Drugs Policy.


Currently drug policing is mainly dependent on stereotyping despite it being against the law. Cannabis consumers are from all walks of life but the easy targets are picked and made to pay the price for their lifestyle and have their lives affected in much greater ways than society is aware of or responsible for making people aware of when they use cannabis or drugs.

Cannabis cultivation is not a problem when done responsibly which is largely starting to happen as readable from all the court reports in the media over the last decade. Policing would not be needed if a regulated framework were allowed to be created.

It would make sense for the police to re appropriate their funds when their budgets are cut and stop enforcing possession of cannabis up to 100g as the 2012 sentencing guidelines suggest as a starting point for court intervention, as a starting point, and if no other course of action is currently to be made.

Overall crime would drop and the 100,000 young people who receive a criminal penalty for drug use can be significantly reduced quite instantaneously. This will free up a tremendous amount of police time, which will enable them to dedicate it resolving some of the unsolved murder and rape cases or trying to stop the international terrorists that currently control the drug market.

There is quite unquestionably corruption between home-grown and international criminals and the British police forces across the nation. This is putting countless nationals and international lives at risk and the British Government need to take responsibility for these desperate circumstances. Big money has influenced corruption and greed to thrive under prohibitions uncontrolled.


The Government advice program is simply put a joke both in and out of the cannabis community. Both pro cannabis and anti cannabis campaigners are shocked by its level of ineffectiveness and lack of coherence, yet it does not listen. If you want to give young people advice about drugs use scientists and drug users that want to help prevent harms for young people. They are sensible and have the most experience, good and bad.

For all our “faults” we are happy to help as many people as we can, as do the ACMD who are the scientists and academics that work for free to give help and advice on a higher level.

We have discussed the MDA71s ineffectiveness already.

Public Health Considerations

The truth about cannabis is known and easily accessible throughout the Internet, freely for anyone to see at any time. There are over 19,000 published medical studies and clinical trials on cannabis carried out globally with 2000 in 2011 alone. For the Government to maintain their quite laughable opinion of the therapeutic herb discredits some of the positive health policies they have implemented such as tobacco education and labelling to reduce use, which it has.

Criminalising people has proven to be less effective. Cannabis is safer than tobacco though so that cannot be denied form public awareness. Even the Dutch agree that tobacco is much more a problem for health than cannabis. They also allow the prescription and have the production of herbal medicinal cannabis with very high rations of 19% THC and less than 1% CBD something our Government believe is Super Skunk Cannabis and causes mental health issues. I have travelled the world as a documentary maker and the first thing journalists tell me is how laughable the “Reefer Madness” stories in the press are. So it’s not just an in-joke here, and it is causing huge damage.

Cannabis prohibition has the effect of homeopathy, which is a dangerous practice and a harmful social health risk at times. If you tell someone they are going mad or that are paranoid enough they will become that. Having clear science to provide the most accurate information is important to us as consumers and as retailers or producers of cannabis. Homeopathy allows for lies and falsehoods to be promoted as science as it is very damaging to society and education that such malpractice be promoted as truth on mainstream primetime TV.

Those who want to use cannabis but do not want to get in trouble at work, school on their sports team, or with the police or their parents resort to legal highs. These are as you know untested and potentially harmful on a level unknown and certainly more dangerous than cannabis which is a natural substance. Many of these legal highs are synthetic versions of drugs prohibited under the misuse of drugs act, their creator Hoffman has even attested to the fact that they are much more dangerous than the original, having only been made for testing in rats in labs as laws restrict real cannabis from being tested because the Government don’t want you to get high (with cannabis).

Stopping telling cannabis consumers they are mad, crazy and making them paranoid that they are going to be put in prison or caught by police, lose their job, get kicked out of school, off the team, etc will help people reintegrate` back into society. There are many people that use cannabis without causing harm to their lives and if they can act openly as positive cannabis using role models than that will promote a positive representation amongst society.

Cannabis vs Alcohol Use/Abuse/Harm

10% of the nation, approximately 5.6 million people use cannabis a year. On average 750 cannabis consumers go to hospital a year with only 100 youths under the age of 18. No deaths ever.

Alcohol is one of the most damaging drugs to society and should be covered by the MDA71 as is misused greatly in the retail world and consumer world. Its industry causes more harm than the cannabis consumers are capable of and the Governments own Alcohol Statistics 2011 show that £19 billion a year is spent on policing, health costs and wider social harm and loss through alcohol abuse.

Any troubles you find on the streets of Amsterdam are drunks at the bars fighting, which are where the police tend to park their cars, not outside the coffee shops. How much police time will be saved by allowing people the choice of a less violent inducing alternative, and does less harm to the body?

Alcohol use has increased since the MDA71 which was also the time that alcohol started to be sold outside of alcohol only public drinking houses. Harm and damage has increased since and is now generally just accepted as culture and tradition. A very shameful thing to be proud of.

Alcohol opening hours have been directly linked to the rise in cocaine habit in the UK. Those who want to party till the later closing times need a stimulant after all that drinking and dancing to carry on, so a quick snort in the bathroom to keep you going and get a few more drink down your neck to impress the guys or the girls is acceptable, easily obtain able and leads to all sorts of uncountable harms.

Cocaine’s purity is always unknown until tested when it’s often too late. Abuse potential is much higher than cannabis although similar to alcohols, is much more addictive but contamination can be a determining factor in these harms. Again, a safer alternative to both can be had if not for cannabis prohibition.

February 2012

1 http://CannabisCure.co.uk

Prepared 8th December 2012