Home Affairs Committee - Drugs: Breaking the CycleWritten evidence submitted by Anonymous [DP187]

I am writing to briefly explain my stance on the current regulatory system surrounding cannabis. I will be writing as concisely as I can for the benefit of the reader.

I am a male in my early-20s and I am in full time work having graduated from University. In my spare time I am trying to become a fitness model, I rent a house with my partner and own a pet dog—I am pro-cannabis.

I believe the demographic for cannabis users is significantly different to what many politicians believe, the reason for this is the discrimination faced by the normal people that use it should anyone discover their casual use. While I was in University almost everyone was casually drinking alcohol and smoking cannabis, they all graduated with a 2:2 or above.

Since starting work (Letting’s negotiator—studied Building Surveying) I was extremely surprised to find out that 70% of my colleagues were casual cannabis users. What surprised me is that I would never have known had they not brought it up, they are all very intelligent and aware people with characters that differ massively from what the media would portray as a cannabis user.

The main issue all of these people face is that they are criminalised by the current laws, neither me or any of them have any previous criminal convictions and we are all respectful, kind and polite people that want to achieve in life. A drug should be illegal because it has a negative effect on society, but I don’t know a single person that thinks it has had ANY negative influence on their life. The way we all see it is, “If I don’t want to drink alcohol tonight to relax, I can smoke cannabis”—but cannabis cannot kill you if you get carried away. Nor will it make you aggressive or angry, ever.

I cannot drink alcohol, it is metabolised into sugar and is there detrimental to my fitness goals. As a result, instead of having a glass of wine on a Saturday I would have some cannabis. Both groups of people are doing the same thing, relaxing through the use of a drug, but I could be arrested for it.

I believe the current laws are wrong, they have no benefit to ANYONE. I and many others will continue to use cannabis regardless of how out of touch the Government is, so take heed of this fact—regulate, tax and most importantly stop wasting our money sending normal people to prison.

January 2012

Prepared 8th December 2012