Home Affairs Committee - Drugs: Breaking the CycleWritten evidence submitted by Eric Mann [DP188]

1. The Home Affairs Select Committee requested written submissions for a new Inquiry into Drugs. This submission has been written up into six sections, in line with the Committee’s desire to example the government’s drug strategy in terms of fiscal responsibility, science, health, security and human rights. There is also a section on possible alternatives to the current strategy.


2. Government have ignored the science. You just sack the good ones and use the yes men. People trust scientists not governments who are dictators.


3. Cannabis cures it does not kill..some NHS and legal drugs kill people.

4. Allow medical cannabis to be used by licensed personal med growers with license for growers for medical users. Country would save on expensive medicine.

5. Cannabis can be used medicinally without the psychoactive effect.


6. The stop and search and invasion of peoples’ properties by the police is partially the cause of the riots. The territorial gangs territories are drug territories, dealers pay the gangs or the gangs are dealers. Dealers do not want legalisation (money loss).

Fiscal Responsibility

7. A police raid in Milford Mount Estate was attended by seven police vehicles and many policemen for a very small grow. Waste of resource.

Cease the persecution of medical growers (give them a license) that would save the prosecution and imprisonment costs of people like me. I am 69 got prostate cancer and rheumatoid arthritis. I’m on my fifth and sixth crown court appearance. That’s a waste of money.

Human Rights

8. People suffer and some die because government restrict the investigation in to cancer cure and the many medical benefits, the government allow the monopoly company GW pharmacuiticals to profit, people in this country are denied access to Sativex.

Government suppression of cannabis medicine is arguably genocide


9. Been using cannabis as a medicine for 20 years. Would like to offer my attendance to the Committee if you require to question a persecuted medical user.

Prepared 8th December 2012