Home Affairs Committee - Drugs: Breaking the CycleWritten evidence submitted by Allan R Davie (DP020)

I would like to contribute to reforming the law on Cannabis and help with the Taxation. For the past two years I haven’t been able to work because I was wrongfully arrested and held for 16 hours and released with no charges, which has made me have a break down and I lost all my hair because of it.

I lost all my contracts as Painter and Decorator and my family have suffered because of this. The medications from the doctor have not helped, but have found Cannabis and the study of historical medicines, as well elements of science, so beneficial that it can no longer be ignored.

1. I feel our country is being left behind in an ever changing world, as cannabis is the Number 1 cash crop of the future and we are losing hundreds of thousands of Pounds. Cannabis has been my life and is more of a religion, in which I mean it has given me spiritual faith where the church failed. I am a passionate, patriot of QUEEN and Country, which has filled me with pride and makes me proud to be British. Now the first time in my life I feel compelled to write and stand up for my beliefs, that which I have been taught, by my British schooling and by the Morals and Ethics of being a British Citizen.

2. My country makes me feel like a criminal and I never broken the law in my life.

The prohibition and the continual harassment by governmental agencies, because of the propaganda surrounding Cannabis have destroyed families all over the country and have a profound effect on the financial structure.

Society then has no choice but to turn to alcohol as it is legal, but the irony is this; has more devastating effect on society as a whole, this breaks down families, communities, religion and faith.

3. This also leaves the British public open to un-documented Terrorist attacks, as a lot of Black market cannabis is contaminated and is an underlying concern, this really brings to light the importance why we make clear reforms now.

Millions of British pound are being taken out of our country by organized crime on the black market, and hundreds and thousands of pounds go to countries that legalize cannabis like Holland.

We should follow their example of controlling and monitoring this new commodity as a commercial value.

We should also encourage domestic home growing as this would be the easiest way to tax an individual, as well as help mail order and retail. Growers also use more electric so major companies would also profit. It would also promote new avenues for pioneers and inventors who are repressed by this age old law.

4. Great Britain is a farming county and we need to put aside our stereotypes, to use our God given right to grow; as it is against our right as a human to be denied that of which we are taught. Education of future generations is key, to evolution and we cannot evolve as a nation as we are repressed by the very law that protects us.

We need to start educating and opening our mind to medical values of cannabiniods, in the evidence put forward by scientist and doctors, which can be financed by the very product, as it already has a international commodity.

5. The Law dates back to 1924 as I understand, and is a result of Egyptian Propaganda, which is surrounded in myths and magic. Because Alchemy was considered Black magic the study of black arts was outlawed in the 1400, the results of the Christian crusade, caused an unbalance of religions, which caused resentment. Egyptians didn’t want England to benefit from the healing power of this ancient medicine, hence turning Gold back to lead.

Alchemy was a spiritual study of enlightenment and is the base for all religions. It turns depression (lead, Pb) into an enlightened consciousness (Gold, Au).

The German’s used their influence of Egyptian leaders and Advisors in the 1900 as propaganda, as they didn’t want Britain to have this knowledge or the extra finance building up to the WW1.

6. We now have a chance to put all those Wrongs Right, and join all communities in society.

The Spirit and pride of Great Britain will return and religions will live in Harmony as we would all be on the same frequency in to a United Kingdom.

January 2012

Prepared 8th December 2012