Home Affairs Committee - Drugs: Breaking the CycleWritten evidence submitted by Anonymous (DP043)

My testimonial is brief because I am sure the majority of points that indicate the legalisation of cannabis (and other drugs) as the best method of dealing with public health issues have been covered.

As a teenager, having only had my 17th birthday a few days ago, it has been far easier for myself to obtain any quantity of cannabis, of any quality and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content, than it has been to purchase alcohol and cigarettes. I occasionally find myself opting to purchase cannabis on a night out rather than alcohol because it is simply so easy to get hold of. With licensed premises, they request an ID (which I don’t have as I am under 18) indicating I am at or above the age to purchase alcohol or tobacco, but with drug dealers I just need to provide the money. This simply proves the policies of totally banning cannabis has not stopped the supply and demand of it, and is actually encouraging people of my age to purchase a substance that the government states as more “harmful” than alcohol or tobacco (although that is debatable). I believe the best solution to this issue is to allow the sale of cannabis in licensed shops where it can only be sold to non-minors; legalisation will bring down the cost of cannabis and make the relatively high cost of home production undesirable, and therefore eliminate the unlicensed supply.

I would like my contact details and name to remain confidential as I have just admitted to a crime and I do not wish to face legal action.

January 2012

Prepared 8th December 2012