Home Affairs Committee - Drugs: Breaking the CycleWritten evidence submitted by Mr Laurel Bush [DP064]

Peace With Drugs


I write as a UK citizen and resident of Scotland believing that:

My own health and life prospects have been damaged by war on drugs, because the war has prevented proper exploration of drug options in relation to personal health issues, especially cognitive difficulties. The lives of thousands of others have been similarly affected. For the sake of the health and prosperity of future generations, the war should be ended immediately.

An early end to the war appears unlikely, however, because it is driven by powerful institutionalised interests, not least of those who profit, in financial or career terms, from the current structure of trade in licensed medicines, and is perpetuated by mindless, “knee-jerk” repetition of misleading, stigmatising propaganda.

The inquiry’s terms of reference exhibit language of the propaganda.

More information about myself is available at

Submission and Executive Summary

If the following is not relevant to each and all of the inquiry terms of reference, then I do not know what is relevant to any.

I have very recently found What The ACMD Doesn’t Know And Can’t Define by Jake Ish, dated 30 December 2011 and published on the Cannabis Law Reform (CLEAR) website.1

I have not yet had time to properly digest contents of the CLEAR article, but it suggests to me strongly that the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 is fundamentally flawed legislation, which is incapable of being administered on any rational, consistent or genuinely legal basis.

January 2012

1 www.clear-uk.org/what-the-acmd-doesnt-know-and-cant-define/

Prepared 8th December 2012