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Annex I: The Commissioners

i.  Dame Anne Owers, Chair (appointed on 2 April 2012 for a five-year term)

following Len Jackson, Interim Chair (retired 30 April 2012)

ii.  Deborah Glass, Deputy Chair

iii.  Amerdeep Somal, Commissioner

iv.  Mike Franklin, Commissioner

v.  Naseem Malik, Commissioner

vi.  Nicholas Long, Commissioner

vii.  Rachel Cerfontyne, Commissioner

viii.  Rebecca Marsh, Commissioner (on loan to the Office for Nuclear Regulation)

ix.  Tom Davies, Commissioner

x.  Sarah Green, Commissioner

xi.  Jonathan Tross, Non-operational Commissioner

xii.  Ruth Evans, Non-operational Commissioner

There are also five new Commissioners:

xiii.  Mary Cunneen (from November 2012)

xiv.  Jennifer Izekor (from November 2012)

xv.  Cindy Butts (from December 2012)

xvi.  James Dipple-Johnstone (from December 2012)

xvii.  Derrick Campbell (from January 2013)

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