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I am writing to you in relation to the Committee’s inquiry into the IPCC as G4S shares your view that the IPCC plays a vital role in ensuring fair play in policing and improve public confidence. We believe this is essential to uphold and improve confidence of the public accountability in policing.

Private providers have supported police forces across the UK for over 20 years. G4S, for example, currently provides custody services and transport solutions in Lancashire, South Wales, Staffordshire and Lincolnshire forces, freeing up warranted police officers to focus on core policing tasks.

To ensure that members of the public can expect the same, if not better, service, when a G4S colleague supports the police in their case, G4S informed the IPCC back in 2010 that our employees would be subject to the same scrutiny and sanctions from the IPCC applied to civilian police staff. In addition, and in the absence of statutory regulation, we have contractually included IPCC co-operation and compliance into our strategic partnership contract with Lincolnshire Police.

However, as it currently stands other private providers are not required to follow our lead. G4S therefore supports the IPCC’s call for the power to investigate all civilian staff who support police duties in order to preserve public confidence in the service.

Also, IPCC Statutory Guidance on the Handling of Complaints expressly excludes private sector Custody Detention Officers as the Secretary of State has not made regulation for the creation of a separate complaints system for such designated staff. However, we believe that private providers working with the police should follow our example, ensuring there Is no difference in the handling of complaints against civilian in-house police staff or staff working for private providers and fully cooperate with the relevant investigating organisation, whether it is the Police Professional Standards Department or the IPCC. This means there is currently no statutory requirement for contracted staff to co-operate with any investigation being conducted by the police or IPCC other than when asked to assist in a criminal investigation. This should be changed.

John Shaw
Managing Director
G4S Policing Support Services

June 2012

Prepared 1st February 2013