Home AffairsWritten evidence submitted by E C Lucy [IPCC 05]

Request the weekly input of officers of the IPCC who have a high rate of successfully convicting offenders, to create a SIG and to regularly brainstorm with a view to offering better training ideas for Police, to utilise freely available information such as the introduction of random psychometric testing de-rigueur across the spectrum of Policing (with a view to identify potential sociopath/PDs and remove to appropriate level) not excluding the importance of Emotional Intelligence training and implementation (“common sense”/impartiality) and to keep Police competitive in the behavioural problem-solving intelligence stakes? An introduction of healthy recreational interaction between Police and the IPCC could be employed with a view to Police generally, holding the IPCC in high esteem, to be seen as a desirable goal to work for and to promote the IPCC as a matter of natural course?

E C Lucy aka Robillard

June 2012

Prepared 1st February 2013