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I enclose a brief overview of a saga of incompetence/bad practice/corruption by the South Wales Police which has not been addressed by the South Wales IPCC. It is my belief that it is because those who originally perpetrated the “crimes” or were very close to the source of the mal-practice are not keen to expose it or consult with those who are protecting the perpetrators.

This saga, concerning my brother, illustrates that Police cannot investigate Police with an open mind and fair heart.

Welsh IPCC Lack of Action

1. In February 2012 Police Inspectors Holder and King from the Professional Standards Department, South Wales Police, Bridgend visited a remand inmate at Cardiff Prison and took a statement of complaint. They did not allow him to see the final statement nor to sign it as correct. On investigation of the progress of these complaints against the Police it appears nothing has been done beyond acknowledgement that these complaints are in the system.

2. The inmate was informed in April that the IPCC upheld two issues:

(a)the suggestion that the machine gun had been “altered” to influence the jury; and

(b)the confusion over the sex of the undercover agent known as “Foxy” who made several telephone calls to the remand prisoner’s home as opposed to the person who gave the evidence in court.

3. No action has been taken by the IPPC on these issues to date. The case relates to an arrest on 22 June 2009 with subsequent remand to a trial which took place in January to February 2010. The defendant, who represented himself, was unable to get bail as a doctor of psychiatry suggested to one bail judge that he had a “a possible brain tumour” and had “significant brain damage”.

4. He was acquitted of the charges.

5. To date the applicant has been trying to get a copy of the erroneous medical report used in court to prevent his bail.

June 2012

Prepared 1st February 2013