Home AffairsWritten evidence submitted by Dr Rita Pal [IPCC 20]

My concerns about the IPCC are well known to them and detailed in their documentation.

My comments are these:

1.There is a strategic failure by its staff to assess each complaint using the standards or ACPO standards set down for the police.

2.There is no review procedure or avenue to manage mistakes and errors made by their administrative staff leading to wrong decision making. The GMC for instance has the procedure of a Presidential Review. The IPCC has nothing. Their staff is broadly obstructive, unable to communicate effectively, unable to assess the public interest dimension of complaints etc.

3.A few months ago, I made a Data Protection Act request. This request was nearly send to a third party I did not know. I spotted the wrong address and advised them to ensure that no errors were made in the future. Errors were subsequently made. In fact, personal data plus sensitive data concerning our family was leaked to a third party. The third party threatened to go to the media with the material. The IPCC sought to obtain a injunction against this gentleman but effectively failed to retrieve the sensitive documents. The leaked documents contained material concerning child protection, confidential documents related to me issued by the police and much more. There was a internal IPCC inquiry. We have not had the results. The ICO was informed but we have not heard from them either. The Home Office was informed but again we have not heard from them. This is a catastrophic disaster in data protection. The IPCC remain unapologetic and offer no remedy. Their actions have distressed our entire family. At present, we are in a situation where confidential data is with a third party and there is nothing anyone appears to be able to do about it.

In conclusion, I believe the IPCC to be unfit to regulate the police force.

June 2012

Prepared 1st February 2013