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IPCC managed investigation 2009/009815

IPCC managed investigation 2009/009815 looked at two aspects of the contact with Mr Doherty following his reporting to the Police suspected paedophile contact with his 13 year old child. The first aspect was the entry to Mr Doherty’s home on the morning of the 4 September 2008, the second aspect being the false allegations made against Mr Doherty by a member of police staff, for which Mr Doherty stood trial and was acquitted with a not guilty verdict.

False allegations of harassment

Despite the evidence presented to the IPCC being judged to demonstrate serious concerns about the conduct of police staff in giving false allegations, there was NO CRIMINAL investigation conducted under the direction of Commissioner Deborah Glass.

The IPCC investigation decided that the police member was “at the most simply mistaken” in giving false evidence in her statement, complaining of harassment.

Mr Doherty instigated a criminal prosecution of this individual and the trial judge, on the same evidence stated that the matter “ought properly to go to trial”, demonstrated “completely false” allegations against Mr Doherty and case evidence was “compelling”.

The question must be asked how could the IPCC fail to refer such a matter to the CPS for prosecution, why they failed to interview under criminal caution when the evidence is of such a compelling nature?

Violent entry to the home of Mr Doherty—4/9/08

There has been significant recent developments in this area which demonstrate serious concerns about both the IPCC and the Metropolitan police professional standards dept. In simple terms they have concealed material evidence from the investigation.

In this aspect of the IPCC investigation, it was directed that the officers would be interviewed under criminal caution. These interviews occurred in November 2009. One officer’s interview, Gareth Blackburn, was then suppressed from the IPCC and Mr Doherty (despite many requests) for the next three years.

It has been confirmed that the IPCC, Deborah Glass, signed off an investigation report exonerating the officers involved without sight of the key evidence they had requested being disclosed. [see email attached below] The interview of officer Gareth Blackburn was in direct opposition to the final report findings that the IPCC used to exonerate the officers involved.

Once again, two officers exonerated by the IPCC are on criminal trial by way of private criminal prosecution at Southwark Crown court. The judge issuing the summons confirming there is a case to answer. This is a stark example of the utter abject failures of the IPCC .

Dear Mr Doherty,

Further to your e-mail of Monday 15 October asking the following question:

Can you confirm either way whether you had sight of the interview transcript of Sergeant Gareth Blackburn in the course of your managed investigation 009815/2009?

I can confirm that we do not hold this information. This would mean that in all probability we did not see it.

I hope this answers your question.

Many thanks,

Maneer Afsar
Head of Casework and Customer Services
Independent Police Complaints Commission

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Prepared 1st February 2013