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Richard kindly informed me that I could still add additional information pertaining to lack of Police and IPCC accountability to the Committee. Please see my website which now includes a short film which provides the narrative of my case, and highlights the lack of IPCC accountability—www.policeexpenses.co.uk.

I note from speaking to many MPs about this subject and they all suggest the simple answer appears to be tougher regulation and improved systems and controls, whilst I believe this is true, the bigger problem is the cultures within the Police services, these cultures are always created by the leaders at the top.

These cultures will not change overnight and will take many many years to address—this is the real cause of Police Corruption, aided by a compliant IPCC.

A few Public Police Failures which highlight lack of accountability:

Leveson Inquiry—we only have this situation because Police inc two Asst Commissioners (& other top brass) knew about hacking and failed to uphold the law as their relationship was not only questionable but far too close to News International. Result—Resignations on full pension & no charges.

Operation Weeting—Journalists regularly arrested for bribing Police officers (these are generally senior officers and not the Park Police), much is publicised about the hacks being prosecuted, virtually nothing about the Police Officers who accepted the bribes.

Hillsborough—We all know this one, it’s sickening. Result—Sir Norman Bettison who named in the Report then resigns of full pension.

I am not anti-police. I often hear Police moan about bankers etc, however Police hold a unique place in Society as they swear an oath to uphold the law without fear or favour. Every time an officer lies or fails to uphold the law, the oath of office is rendered meaningless. This is what has happened slowly over the years. In world war 1, deserters were shot not for cowardice but rather for not honouring the oath they swore to uphold.

I do not advocate shooting anyone, not even traffic cops.

I appreciate there is a distinct lack of funds these days, however the public must have faith in our Police Service to uphold the law, it’s is essential to protect our democracy.

Potential Solutions

Barrister lead inquiries into police conduct.

A police officer should be arrested and cautioned for an arrestable offence (just the same as it would apply to you & I).

New Systems and procedures—I would be happy to consult independently on these issues, my time would be FREE.

The Police Cultures have developed over many years, there is no simple quick fix—again I would be delighted to consult on such matters.

Ian Puddick

November 2012

Prepared 1st February 2013