Home AffairsSupplementary written evidence submitted by the Independent Police Complaints Commission [IPCC 06a]

Thank you for the opportunity to give evidence to the Committee on Tuesday 17 July. I hope that the members found the session informative and helpful.

I agreed to follow-up on three specific points and these were regarding the gender breakdown of our investigators, the amount of our work which arises from the non-police organisations we have jurisdiction over and issues relating to the Lynette White case.

Gender Breakdown of Investigators

As at 31 March 2012, 54% of our investigators were male and 46% were female.

The IPCC’s Jurisdiction Over Non-Police Organisations

Since 2004, the IPCC’s remit has been extended to include serious complaints and conduct matters relating to staff at the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA), Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) and the UK Border Agency (UKBA).

A very small percentage of our investigations and appeals work comes from these organisations and we receive income from HMRC and UKBA based on work undertaken.

Over each of the past three financial years, investigations relating to SOCA, HMRC and UKBA have constituted less than 3% of our total investigations work. In the same period, income received from these bodies has amounted to approximately £1.8 million. In 2011–12, we completed five investigations for these organisations (two independents, one managed and two supervised), representing 1.87% of all investigations completed by us that year.

Appeals from these organisations have constituted less than 1% of our total appeals work each year. In 2011–12, we completed 25 appeals relating to SOCA, HMRC and UKBA representing 0.42% of all appeals completed by the IPCC in this year.

Lynette White

At the hearing, Mr Michael asked me a question about the Lynette White case. As this is a local constituency issue, our Commissioner for Wales, Tom Davies, has arranged to meet with Mr Michael to discuss further.

Investigation Costs

Following the hearing, the Clerk also asked if we could provide some indicative costs of each of our investigation types. You will appreciate that it is difficult to provide precise costs and that no two investigations are the same in terms of the resources required for them. Resources needed may, for example, include significant amounts for forensic or other expert work. We are yet to implement an automatic cost and time recording system but we will be doing this in the next financial year.

I have provided below an estimate of the organisational cost for each type at investigation. The cost for an independent investigation is based on an average investigation and it is important to understand that some may cost as little as £45,000 whilst more complex investigations can reach up to £300,000. The figures provided for managed and supervised investigations relate only to the IPCC cost and do not take account of the majority of costs which fall to the appropriate authority, usually the relevant police force.




I hope this information is helpful. We may wish to submit further written evidence as the inquiry progresses. I understand that you will be hearing from additional witnesses after recess and I look forward to appearing before the Committee again, alongside the Chief Executive Jane Furniss, in the autumn.

Dame Anne Owers
Independent Police Complaints Commission

August 2012

Prepared 31st January 2013