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Key Facts
  • G4S was contracted to recruit, train and accredit 10,400 staff and manage13,000 others. The total number of security personnel required for the Games was 23,700.
  • G4S has contracts with ten central Government departments and agencies and 14 police forces in England and Wales.
  • In total, the annual contract value of G4S's pipeline of public sector contracts was £759m in 2010-11. The Olympic Games contract was worth up to a further £284m.
  • The Bridging the Gap programme trained 6,374 young people to fully accredited door supervisor standard over a two-year period specifically for the 2012 Olympics.
  • In total, LOCOG recruited 70,000 volunteer Games Makers.
  • According to G4S, in the pre-Games period it supplied 68% of contracted personnel and during the Games period, it supplied 81% (including Bridging the Gap and subcontractors).
  • The day after the Olympic closing ceremony, 13 August, was the first date on which the number of staff supplied by G4S met LOCOG's demand.
  • Total military deployment for the Olympic Games peaked at 18,200 troops. The original target military workforce was 7,500.
  • On peak days, about 15,000 police officers were deployed on the Olympic operation, from 52 forces. Additional police manpower was provided to fill the gap left by G4S through officers working overtime.

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