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1  Background to the report

1. Since 2006 the Home Affairs Committee has undertaken regular and frequent scrutiny of the UK Border Agency having identified the significant and urgent need for the Agency to improve its performance. This report works towards establishing a consistent set of measures which we will examine on a quarterly basis. In addition, we will examine topical areas of interest about the Agency's work on a bi-annual basis.

2. In this, and future, reports we will examine the following areas of the Agency's work:

  • Foreign national offenders
  • The asylum and immigration backlog
  • New asylum cases
  • Immigration levels and processing times
  • Appeals and tribunals
  • Enforcement
  • Intelligence
  • Staff number and remuneration
  • Cooperation with Parliament
  1. As we have said in our previous reports we do not accept that the UK Border Agency is, in practice, an agency of the Home Office because it is integrated into the accountability structures of the Department.[1]

1   Home Affairs Select Committee, Twenty-first Report of Session 2010-12, The Work of the UK Border Agency August - December 2011, HC 1722, para 1; Home Affairs Select Committee, Seventeenth Report of Session 2010-12, UK Border Controls, HC1647, para 14 Back

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Prepared 23 July 2012