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11  Backlog of outstanding cases

104. A summary of the total number of outstanding cases where the Agency has yet to:

  • trace the individual,
  • make a decision about their case or
  • remove them from the UK

can be seen in the table below:

Number of outstanding cases
'Live' asylum cohort
Asylum controlled archive
Immigration controlled archive
Foreign National Offenders living in the community
Foreign National Offenders - untraced
Migration Refusal Pool

Table 12: Outstanding cases

105. The total number of individuals in the backlog is 276,460, this is larger than the population of Newcastle upon Tyne.[69] It is totally unacceptable that there are so many outstanding cases that the Agency has yet to work through. We will be monitoring the numbers of outstanding cases closely and expect to see them decline quickly.

69   UK Cities, Largest cities in the UK, Back

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