Home Affairs Committee - Fourteenth Report
The work of the UK Border Agency (July-September 2012)

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Terms of Reference

1 Introduction

Profile of the Agency

2 Focus: clearing the immigration and asylum backlog


The Agency's handling of the asylum and immigration backlog

The Agency's response to the Chief Inspector's findings

The tracing programme since April 2012

Checks against DWP's databases

Security checks

Cases with a hit on the Police National Computer

Asylum cases that were not reported to this Committee

Other issues about the clearing of the asylum and immigration backlogs

Use of Terminology

Correspondence with applicants, legal representatives and MPs

3 Key indicators of the Agency's performance

Foreign National Offenders and ex-Foreign National Offenders

Ex-FNOS released without being considered for deportation

Ex-FNOs living in the community

Key issue: tackling the backlog of ex-FNOs living in the community

Asylum and immigration backlog: live casework

Asylum backlog

Immigration backlog

Key issue: prioritising the conclusion of legacy casework

New asylum cases

Initial decisions and conclusions

Applicants previously removed from the UK

Settlement applications


Number of visas issued

Processing of in-country immigration cases

Processing of out of country immigration cases

Key issue: backlog of in-country immigration applications

Postal applications

Premium applications

In-country applications not yet loaded onto the Agency's computer systems

Immigration detention

Rule 35 reports

Child detention

Key issue: Acting on rule 35 reports

Appeals and tribunals

Appeals Improvement Plan: progress against targets

Key issue: closing the Family Visit Visa full right of appeal

Sponsors and licensing

New sponsor applications

Pre registration visits

Follow up visits

Key issue: post licence visits

Enforcement action

Non compliance notifications

Suspension and revocation of sponsor licences

Key issue: tracking the follow up of non-compliance notifications

Migration Refusal Pool

Key issue: tackling the continued growth of the Migration Refusal Pool

Size of the Migration Refusal Pool


Allegations received in Q3 2012

Progress on the National Allegations Database

Key issue: an improved intelligence picture about the results of allegations made

Departmental information and cooperation with Parliament

Departmental information

Cooperation with Parliament

4 Border Agency Backlogs

Conclusions and recommendations

Formal Minutes


List of printed written evidence

List of Reports from the Committee during the current Parliament

Oral and Written Evidence

4 December 2012

18 December 2012

Written Evidence

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