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1  Introduction

1.  The Home Affairs Committee asks for quarterly data from the UK Border Agency about its performance against a set of key indicators. The Agency's statistics relate to the calendar year as follows:

Q1: January-March      Q2: April-June

Q3: July-September      Q4: October-December

This Report analyses data from July-September 2012, or 'Q3 2012'.

2.  After analysing the Agency's performance data we took evidence from its Chief Executive Rob Whiteman. The recent controversy about the Agency's handling of the asylum and immigration backlog and its provision of information to this Committee meant that it was also necessary to take evidence from its former Chief Executives: Lin Homer and Jonathan Sedgwick. We also took evidence from the Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration, John Vine, who uncovered the fiasco in the course of his inspections this year.

3.  We have sought to make our scrutiny of the Agency understandable to Parliament and the public. This report is divided into two sections, the first focusing on the Agency's handling of the asylum and immigration backlog and the accuracy of the information it provided to this Committee on its work in this area. The second section assesses the Agency's performance across the main areas of its work by comparing on a quarterly basis its progress against a set of 'key indicators'. It will therefore be clear to the public, Parliament and to the Agency what is of most interest to the Committee.

Profile of the Agency

4.  An overview of the Agency, its budget and staffing levels can be seen in the table below:
Role The Agency is responsible for administering the UK's visa, immigration and asylum systems.
Budget (2012-2013)[1] Resource £1001m
Capital £88m
Number of FTE staff UK 13,165[2]
Global 23,500[3]

5.  The salaries of the Agency's Directors can be seen in the table below:
Salary Bracket (2011-2012)

Chief Executive, Rob Whiteman 175—180
Director of Operations and Deputy CEO, David Wood 100—105
Director of Resources and Organisational Development, Michael Parsons Not in post
Director, Strategy and Intelligence, Emma Churchill 80—85
Immigration and Settlement Director, Michael Wells Not in post
Director, Enforcement and Crime, Hugh Ind Not in post
Director, International Operations and Visas, Jonathan Sedgwick 110—115
Board Adviser on Growth and Engagement, Jeremy Oppenheim Not in Post
Director of Migration Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Susannah Simon Not in Post

1   Taken from Home Office Main Estimate 2012-13 Back

2   At the end of Q3 2012, taken from Ev 36, para 82 Back

3   Taken from UK Border Agency website  Back

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