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29.  The action brought by AKJ and others is likely to run for some time, whether in the High Court or in the Investigatory Powers Tribunal, or both. Mr Kennedy told us that he was bringing an action against the Metropolitan Police Service for failure in its duty of care towards him as a serving officer. Operation Herne is investigating the activities of the Special Demonstration Squad, which could possibly lead to future prosecutions. It might not be possible to conduct a proper review of the current legislation until the current legal position has been clarified by the courts, which is why we have suggested a long timescale for new legislation to be prepared. However, it is important that the Home Office start preparatory work now in order to ensure that there is no further, unnecessary delay.

30.  It cannot be sufficiently emphasised that using the identities of dead children was not only abhorrent, but reflects badly on the police. It must never occur again.

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Prepared 1 March 2013