Health CommitteeSupplementary written evidence from the Department of Health (GAS 01A)

I promised to send you further information to assist in your Inquiry into the Government Alcohol Strategy.

Your Committee asked about the collection of the data on prescription items dispensed to treat people for alcohol dependency.

This is available through the Health and Social Care Information Centre at general practice level:

Information at Primary Care Trust level is also available on request from the Health and Social Care Information Centre. Other alcohol-related heath data is available at a PCT and local authority level in the NWPHO Local Alcohol Profiles (

We also discussed the impact of a minimum unit price (MUP) for alcohol, including the figures for a 50p MUP.

The Committee will have seen the impacts for a range of prices in the report by Sheffield University (the ScHARR model—

The impacts of pricing polices are set out in section 3.2 and summarised in the tables on pages 110 and 111.

The Government is updating the analysis for a number of minimum unit price levels, which will be published in the impact assessment for the consultation on the level of minimum unit pricing later this year.

Anne Milton MP

19 June 2012

Prepared 19th July 2012