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6  Conclusion

107.  As it has said many times the Committee regards the subject matter of this report as a key challenge facing the health and care system. However, in the light of the recent publication of the Francis Report on the service failures which occurred in the Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust it clear that the issues presented by the Nicholson Challenge are not the only ones facing the NHS.

108.  The Committee is currently conducting hearings on the issues raised by the Francis Report and it will report separately following those hearings. In the meantime, however, the Committee is clear that there is no choice to be made between addressing the issues posed in the Nicholson Challenge (meeting demand out of constrained resources) and the issues posed by Francis (improving the culture within which care is delivered). Neither challenge is avoidable.

109.  The Committee believes that the integrated care model set out in this report is the best available answer to both challenges.

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Prepared 19 March 2013