International Development Committee - The Development Situation in Malawi Supplementary written evidence submitted by The Department for International Development

Q1. In its written evidence to the inquiry, WaterAid appears to suggest that—between 2007 and 2010—DFID Malawi disbursed only just over 50% of its committed funds for water and sanitation

The Committee would like to ask DFID:

1.Whether it accepts this as true; and

2.If so—why so little funding was disbursed.

“We do not accept WaterAid’s accusation to be true and we are not clear about the data source on which their position is based. DFID Malawi’s commitment to water and sanitation for 2007–10 was £6.4 million. DFID spent in total approximately £16 million on water and sanitation in Malawi over this period. Most of this funding came from central DFID funding, rather than through DFID Malawi’s budget.

The current government has put far greater priority on water and sanitation, first through the Bilateral Aid Review (BAR) and then further doubling our commitment in April 2012, to support a total of 60 million people access clean drinking water and improved sanitation by 2015. The BAR also focused on buying specific results, rather than allocating sums of money, to transform delivery, accountability and value for money.

Following the BAR, DFID Malawi has reprioritised water and sanitation. A new Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Programme will provide (at a minimum) 750,000 vulnerable Malawians with reasonable and sustained access to improved water and sanitation in under-served areas by 2015. Following the Secretary of State’s announcement at the High Level Meeting on Water and Sanitation in April 2012 that we are doubling our results commitment on WASH, we are reviewing our bilateral portfolio more broadly to consider where best to achieve these additional results”.

Q2. In its supplementary written evidence, DFID refers to its decision to bring forward £10million of support for the Malawian health sector. Would it be correct to categorise this as sector budget support?

DFID Response:

Yes, it is correct to categorise the £10 million as sector budget support.

July 2012

Prepared 23rd July 2012