International Development CommitteeSupplementary written evidence submitted by Richard Morgan, UNICEF UK

I suggest the importance of personal security and the improved protection of citizens from all forms of violence as an element to consider within the broader issue of Governance. It is probable that, at present, the many different forms of violence against people, especially the most vulnerable such as children, and against women, impose major costs on both human development progress and economic growth. As such, personal security and freedom from violence, and the fear thereof, could and should be considered as a development issue.

Improved protection of the most vulnerable groups, as envisaged by the Millennium Declaration, and the reduction of all forms of violence, whether it occurs in homes, in schools, on the streets or in wider society, would represent a major strengthening of Governance in many countries of the world, across all income categories, and would have significant or even major benefits for human well being, human rights and economic development. It would be challenging but certainly not impossible to measure these reductions, using different methods and indicators, some of which are already tested and available.

November 2012

Prepared 21st January 2013