Pre-legislative scrutiny of the Children and Families Bill - Justice Committee Contents

List of additional written evidence

(published in Volume II on the Committee's website

1  ADCS  Ev w1

2  Magistrates' Association  Ev w3

3  Open Spaces Ltd  Ev w8

4  The Legal Committee of the National Council of HM District Judges (Magistrates' Courts)  Ev w8

5  Sally Simon JP  Ev w11

6  Rights of Women  Ev w11

7  Resolution  Ev w15

8  Professor Patrick Parkinson, University of Sydney  Ev w19

9  Dr Julie Doughty and Professor Mervyn Murch, Cardiff Law School,

Cardiff University  Ev w24

10  Professor Judith Masson  Ev w27

11  Janet Ollier  Ev w29

12  The Solicitors in Local Government Child Care Lawyers Group  Ev w30

13  Hertfordshire County Council Children's and Legal Services  Ev w33

14  The Association of Her Majesty's District Judges  Ev w34

15  The Family Justice Council  Ev w46

16  The PLO Monitoring Group for London  Ev w51

17  The Kingship Care Alliance  Ev w52

18  Brian Wilcox  Ev w56

19  Interdisciplinary Alliance for Children  Ev w57

20  Judith Fournel, Independent Social Worker and former Children's Guardian  Ev w58

21  Brian Hitchcock  Ev w59

22  Eva Gregory  Ev w60

23  David Jockelson  Ev w60

24  Middlesex Law Society  Ev w62

25  Mrs Dey Wilcock, Independent Assessor, Family Public Law Specialist  Ev w62

26  Emma Sherrington, Partner, Deputy Head of Children's Department,
Fisher Meredith LLP  Ev w62

27  Kate Thomas  Ev w62

28  Chris Hardy  Ev w63

29  Kate Tindale, Lawrence Davies & Co  Ev w63

30  Karen Singer  Ev w63

31  Boyd Carter, Solicitor Advocate Mediator  Ev w64

32  SEEDS Devon  Ev w64

33  The Children's Commissioner  Ev w65

34  PCS  Ev w67

35  Legal Committee of the Greater London Family Panel  Ev w69

36  Australian Institute of Family Studies  Ev w72

37  Richard Hansom  Ev w76

38  Ranjit Mann  Ev w76

39  Lois Sayers  Ev w76

40  Ron Bailey, Jacque Courtnage and others  Ev w76

41  Jane Fortin, Emeritus Professor, Sussex Law School, University of Sussex  Ev w82

42  National Association of Independent Reviewing Officers  Ev w82

43  Dr Jonathan Maddock  Ev w84

44  Father A  Ev w85

45  Family Rights Group  Ev w87

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Prepared 14 December 2012