Justice CommitteeWritten evidence from Paul Conroy, Practice Manager, Mersea Island Medical Practice

Veto of Publishing the NHS Reforms Risk Register

I write to ask your consideration of the above matter, which I understand you are investigating.

As a voter I consider this a grave misuse of power, and a fundamental failure to allow the democratic process to be fulfilled. If the electorate, who voted this government into office on the promise that they would not make cuts or changes to the NHS is now denied access to the information on which they based these reforms, then it is truly undemocratic. The fact that Mr Lansley has promised that patients will have “no decision about me without me” makes it all the more farcical when the electorate will not be treated with the same respect.

As a manager of a GP practice, I have seen first-hand the devastating impact that these reforms are having on the health service. I remain concerned about the long term impact on patient care.

I hope that the weight of feeling within the medical profession on this matter will encourage you in your efforts to seek the empowerment of the electorate.

May 2012

Prepared 25th July 2012