Justice CommitteeLetter from Rt Hon Tony Blair to Rt Hon Alan Beith MP, Chair, Justice Committee

May 2012

Dear Alan

Thank you for your letter. As I have already said, my diary is overwhelmed with work for the Quartet and for my three charities, which means that between now and the end of the summer I am only in the UK for a couple of days each month, and even on these days I am already committed to long standing engagements that cannot be moved at this stage.

I fully support the work the inquiry is undertaking, and I appreciate the time constraints that you are under, which is why I will submit a written statement, as I believe that this is the most time effective solution that suits both of our schedules.

The quickest way to get the questions to me is by sending them to my assistant.

Best wishes

Tony Blair

Prepared 25th July 2012