Select committee effectiveness, resources and powers - Liaison Committee Contents

Annex A: Draft Liaison Committee objectives for the 2010-2015 Parliament

Overall aim: To increase the effectiveness of select committees in scrutinising Government and the public awareness of this work.


1  To increase the effectiveness of committees by agreeing and disseminating best practice and by introducing a programme of continuous professional development for committee members and chairs.

2  To secure agreement with the Government on common guidelines on pre-appointment hearings, which clarify and strengthen the role of committees.

3  To secure agreement with the Government to new guidelines, to replace the Osmotherly rules, on the provision of information and the attendance of witnesses.

4  To secure a clearer understanding of committee powers.

5  To ensure that current financial constraint does not impact on the ability of select committees to carry out their functions effectively, and to achieve agreement on the future shape of committee support services.

6  To increase the effectiveness of our own evidence sessions with the Prime Minister.

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Prepared 8 November 2012