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Annex B: National Assembly for Wales — Job Description for Chairs

Extract from Office Holder Remuneration — Report of the Remuneration Board of the National Assembly for Wales, July 2011[125]

Responsibilities of Committee Chairs

—  setting the strategic direction of the committee and ensuring the transparent prioritisation of its activity so as to deliver a balanced, comprehensive and effective programme of legislative, policy and financial scrutiny;

—  maximising the relevance and influence of the committee whilst maintaining its clear independence from the Welsh Government;

—  acting impartially at all times, decisively, fairly and in a manner that maintains the confidence of the committee;

—  commanding the confidence of Members, witnesses and the public at large through mastery of the subject matter of the committee's remit; demonstration of effective legislative, policy and financial scrutiny techniques; maintenance of order; and the application of all relevant legal and procedural requirements on the committee;

—  securing the commitment and engagement of all committee members and building cross-party consensus wherever possible;

—  building the culture and skills mix within the committee required to maximise its effectiveness as a scrutiny body;

—  ensuring that the committee receives the expert advice, information and other support it requires to fulfil its objectives effectively;

—  driving the delivery of all aspects of the committee's work with pace and quality;

—  representing the committee publicly, in the media and in formal Assembly business; and

—  ensuring critical analysis and evaluation of the committee's work and driving innovation in its operation so as to increase effectiveness, public engagement and impact.

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