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List of additional written evidence

(published in Volume II on the Committee's website

1  Administration Committee  Ev w1

2  Committees on Arms Export Controls  Ev w3

3  Business Innovation and Skills Committee  Ev w3

4  Communities and Local Government Committee  Ev w7

5  Defence Committee  Ev w10

6  Education Committee  Ev w12

7  Energy and Climate Change Committee  Ev w15

8  Environmental Audit Committee  Ev w19

9  Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee  Ev w22

10  European Scrutiny Committee  Ev w29

11  Foreign Affairs Committee  Ev w31

12  Health Committee  Ev w33

13  International Development Committee  Ev w34

14  Justice Committee  Ev w37

15  Northern Ireland Committee  Ev w39

16  Political and Constitutional Reform Committee  Ev w40

17  Public Administration Select Committee  Ev w43

18  Scottish Affairs Committee  Ev w45

19  Transport Committee  Ev w47

20  Welsh Affairs Committee  Ev w52

21  Work and Pensions Committee  Ev w54

22  The Constitution Society  Ev w56

23  The Regulatory Policy Institute's Better Government Programme  Ev w57

24  Dr Ruth Levitt and William Solesbury, visiting Senior Research Fellows, King's College London  Ev w60

25  Parliamentary Outreach  Ev w62

26  Dr Michael Pinto-Duschinsky  Ev w63

27  Dame Julie Mellor DBE, Parliamentary Health Service Ombudsman  Ev w64

28  Dr Cristina Leston-Bandeira, Senior Lecturer in Legislative Studies, University of Hull  Ev w65

29  Louise Ellman MP, Chair of the Transport Committee  Ev w67

30  Mr Jack Simson Caird  Ev w69

31  The Web and Intranet Service, Houses of Parliament  Evw 70

32  Rt Hon Keith Vaz MP, Chair of the Home Affairs Committee  Ev w73

33  Tim Yeo MP, Chair of the Energy and Climate Change Committee  Ev w74

34  Better Government Initiative  Ev w75

35  The Clerk of the House of Commons  Ev w77

36  Papers and briefing produced for the Liaison Committee's Working Group on Committee resources and support  Ev w85

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