Prospects for codifying the relationship between central and local government - Political and Constitutional Reform Contents

List of written evidence from Session 2010-12

(published in Volume IV on the Committee's website

1  Andrew Stevens, Japan Local Government Centre   Ev w124

2  Professor George Jones and Professor John Stewart   Ev w124, 127, 128

3  Bristol City Council   Ev w130

4  Local Government Association   Ev w131

5  Professor Steve Leach, Professor Vivien Lowndes and Dr Mark Roberts  Ev w133

6  Andrea Hill, Chief Executive, Suffolk County Council   Ev w137

7  Professor Colin Copus, De Montfort University   Ev w138

8  Centre for Public Scrutiny   Ev w144, 149

9  Localis   Ev w151

10  City of London Corporation   Ev w152

11  Henry Peterson   Ev w152

12  Core Cities Group   Ev w159

13  Unlock Democracy   Ev w162

14  Association of Council Secretaries and Solicitors   Ev w164

15  Sir Howard Bernstein   Ev w165

16  Mayor of London   Ev w169

17  Local Government Information Unit   Ev w171

18  Mr Clive Betts MP   Ev w174

19  Chris Himsworth, University of Edinburgh   Ev w177

20  Bill Moyes   Ev w179

21  Cllr John Faulkner, High Peak Borough Council   Ev w182

22  Mark Ryan, Coventry University   Ev w182

23  London Councils   Ev w183

24  Stephen Hughes, Sir Howard Bernstein and Andrea Hill   Ev w186

25  Professor Colin Copus, De Montfort University   Ev w189

26  London Councils (further evidence)   Ev w197

27  Andrea Hill, Chief Executive, Suffolk County Council (further evidence)  Ev w199

28  Centre for Public Scrutiny (further evidence)   Ev w202

29  Professor George Jones and Professor John Stewart (further evidence)   Ev w205

30  Baroness Eaton DBE DL, Chairman, Local Government Association   Ev w206

31  Sir Howard Bernstein (further evidence)   Ev w208

32  Professor Tony Travers   Ev w210

33  Cllr Roger Gough, Kent County Council   Ev w213

34  Lord Bichard   Ev w214

35  Stephen Hughes, Chief Executive, Birmingham City Council  Ev w214

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