Public engagement in policy-making

Written evidence submitted by Karen Hudes (PE 3)

Written evidence submitted by Karen Hudes on Public Engagement in Policy-making

· outsource with great caution, based on lessons learned about undisclosed conflicts

1.   I am a lawyer and economist who worked for twenty years in the legal department of the World Bank. Before the civil service outsources government policy-making functions, lessons must be learned from previous efforts. The Commons Select Committee on International Development published my testimony on the Independent Commission for Aid Impact at:

2. The UK government's fiduciary responsibility to UK taxpayers cannot be outsourced.  Hidden conflicts in the private sector are not readily apparent in many instances.   Jimmy Wales, co-founder of Wikipedia, is advising the Government in support of the agenda to open up policy-making.  Yet Wikipedia erroneously reverted my edits to disclose the end of the Gentlemen's Agreement for the United States to appoint the President of the World Bank.

October 2012

Prepared 2nd November 2012