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Annex A—Examples from the blacklist

Consulting Association - Extracts from Files

When the Information Commissioner's Office seized paperwork from the Consulting Association the most important items seized were the index of names, held on sheets in ring binders, listing the names, National Insurance Number, location and trades of those on whom files were held and some 3200 individual cards. These were filed alphabetically and contained identifying information including dates of birth where available, plus records of contacts from companies seeking and providing information with comments on the individuals involved.

Some of this information is reproduced below. To comply with the terms under which I was permitted to see the cards by the ICO no individuals should be identifiable.

The extracts below have been drawn from approximately 20% of the material I had time to read. Italics are mine, underlining copied from Consulting Association

Ian Davidson MP

Examples from the blacklist

After taking on showed signs of militancy over safety.

Glasgow, Pipe fitter, bad all round

Sold Socialist Worker

Militant ringleader

Started 22nd August with xx and xx has been informed that they have now taken him on but will get rid of him.

On list of persons described as unofficial shop stewards, described as very dangerous

Do not touch!!

Mechanic Edinburgh reported by xx as a troublemaker

Regarding his competence for the circumstances he was below average because he became involved in a lot of Trade Union activities at the site. Hence described as an activist. There is no doubt that he is a competent electrician but in view of previous comment is therefore not recommended.

Kilmarnock. Do not touch

Glasgow, is an extreme troublemaker, worse than any Communist.

Electrician Edinburgh Causing trouble at xx reported by local E.E.P.T.U. official as militant

1981, October, attended a C.P. meeting up in Glasgow. No entry after May 1983.

One of seven who 'tried to organise' ''xxxx major site xxxx. All were employed by subcontractor xxxx. After being dismissed took the company to a tribunal represented by xx of UCATT.

There was a settlement of £2000/man. Above described as one of the "also rans" along with xx, xx and xx. Ringleaders were xx, xx and xx.

Known troublemaker and extremist

After industrial dispute all the electricians, with the exception of the above, were given the opportunity to reapply for their jobs. Following the dispute, the above along with (22 names) were not taken back. All were suspected of being EPIU members.

These were regarded as followers rather than leaders of the unofficial action then list of about 20 names.

Subject, along with others, is an electrician who is a troublemaker and is politically motivated

Changed name from xx to xx to get work. Union agitator

 Involved in safety strike at xx station

 E.E.P.T.U. says N O ( this appeared on several cards)

 Info from Scottish Region active trouble maker would never Re-Employ (nothing else on file)

 Strong Left Wing view tendencies and a very active unionist

 Involved in a dispute to try to enforce the main contractor to take responsibility for the non-payment of several weeks wages

 After being employed by xx was elected safety rep on site

 While at xx , drew H&S issues to the attention of site manager

 Organised petition over homelessness

 Has been moved with two others (to avoid suspicion)


 He is a convenor steward

The Subject worked for xxxx and was a troublemaker who would not be reemployed.

AEEU (xx) describes above as F. evil as far as internal union dealings are concerned. Active at branch level.

Report from previous employer, xxxx, he was a constant source of trouble. Barrack room lawyer makes shells for others to fire.

Thought possible that xx & xx are twins.

1997 - 1999 worked at Jubilee Line Extension. Allowed himself to be drawn along by the course of events at JLE, 1997-1999, not in front line of action. Source xxxx

Was actively involved in the issues which arose during the terms of the contract.

Above information arose from liaison between Union, contractor and managing agent at J/L

File then records "co. has not employed" from 2001-2008 - 7 different companies.


Subjects, along with others is an electrician who is a troublemaker and is politically motivated. Would not be re-employed

That subject is a very bad troublemaker and would not be re-employed.

Deputy steward with xx made bullets for xx for others to fire.

IT claims against Network Rail described as a troublemaker and therefore a person Network Rail would not want on their books hence xx in a third party position have not employed.

Under no circumstances whatsoever.

We managed to get rid of him and will not re-employ him.

Believed he was involved in unofficial action as a hard core at the Pfizer building 500 dispute. Dismissal of the entire workforce 180 electricians. All are suspected of being members of the EPIU

Prior to this had been a very good and conscientious worker, but turned quite dramatically and took a leading part in formulating strike action. Workers tried to change NINO to avoid the blacklist. Example, xx changed his NINO and also his DoB.

Inner London shop stewards committee link. Not confirmed.


Is a good worker but has proved to be very militant.

Above would not be re-employed by them or recommended to anyone. Caused them a great deal of trouble.

Subject is an electrician who is a troublemaker and is politically motivated.

Apprentice electrician

1997 -1999 worked on JLE allowed himself to be drawn along by the course of events at JLE 1997-1999. Not in front line of action.

Under no circumstances whatsoever.

Described as totally obstinate, hater of management, very well off, out to cause trouble wanting to obstruct xx project as much as possible. Described self as a freemason.

Hardly at work due to union duties. If taken on takes a lot of time off would not re-employ for this reason.

Subject worked for xx who fired or made redundant. They were glad to get rid of him and would not re-employ. He was a T&GW safety rep first class troublemaker. Applied xx with brother not employed

Elected shop steward causing a great deal of trouble.

Large family in xx. Troublesome

Not politically motivated but well versed in troublemaking. More astute than xx. Well versed in manipulating situations.

Involved in an industrial tribunal. Jan 2007. Witnesses for the above 3 were xx,xx,xx,xx

See references North West Regional TGWU official their cases succeeded unanimously judgement at the tribunal.

Bad all round.

On the building industry blacklist

Girlfriend has been involved in several marriages of convenience

They were all known to associate with extreme left wing organisations. We managed to get rid of him and will not re-employ him.

Inner London shop stewards committee link. Not confirmed.

Under no circumstances whatsoever

Is believed to be a member of the CP

Strike leader xx believed CP

Got shop stewards committee to contribute to Labour research dept. Described as an activator who operated in the background.

Subject reported by xx as an aggressive militant

Reported troublemaker

3 separate spellings of surname. Uses addresses and gives 2 different ones.

Has been selling TNS in Glasgow

From researchers records it would appear that subject is RCP activist

Has probable connections with ….2 names given….

Reported by local EEPTU official as "militant".

xx could perhaps be a son of xx.

January 2000 confirmed son of BC - no other entry on file apart from home address DoB, NINO and trade. No employment comments at all.

Alleged association with SWP

Involvement with EPIU in dispute thought possible, but not verifiable

Police helped by assuring men were able to get on to site without problems

Advice to xx thought possibly coming from lecturers at xx University

Above described as one of Glasgow's "murphia" and has several brothers and other relations who act and work together. Rough and hard but handleable. Co has employed.

Glasgow - causes trouble at every opportunity

Irvine - subject was a troublemaker

Subject is a troublemaker. He is a friend of xx he is easily led and does everything xx tells him to

Worked at Jubilee Line Extension. Allowed himself to be drawn along with the course of events at JLE, not in front line of action.

Co has not furthered given on 15 other occasions up to September 2008.

Subject is a TGWU steward on the xx site. He is of Scottish decent but has lived at the above address for 8 years. Holds extremely militant trade union views, is anti authority and appears to be an agitator

He holds strong 'far left' political views and is a firm supporter of Tony Benn, its warned that this subject could be a future source of trouble.

Press cutting - RMT activist . Copy of press cutting from Morning Star October 2002.

Joiner - power stations

Winding up men on issues of jobs at xx power station. xx of Unite also involved. Attempts to make this a national issue.

Bricklayer - London

Described as "mouthing off a lot, but doing little". Source xxxx

London - electrician

2003 February information received that the above, along with 7 others are taking xx co to an industrial tribunal on the grounds that they were dismissed for trade union activities.

The others are - listed.

1977 worked for upper Clyde shipbuilders. Reported as troublemaker, not a member of CP but definitely a supporter.

Union steward - work and this man do not agree!! Problems!

Orkney - labourer

"bad all round"

Ringleaders appeared to be xx and xx who between them conduct the orchestra and wind the others up

Possible serial claimant re holiday pay. Signs declaration of self employment and in approx 2 weeks claimed for holiday pay - agency pays him off

Further note - above is 1 of 3 bricklayers whom xxxx suspects are serial ET claimants. They work as sub contractors men, move on and make claims for holiday payments under WTR's

EETPU says no

Convenor steward - west Chelsea - 1996

Edinburgh - labourer

young nutter

Essex - labourer

At same Jubilee Line extension entry

August 2005 co has not furthered. September 2005 above has questioned via the project manager, a friend, why he was not taken on. Project manager told him he has not passed company's security processing. Project manager stated that the above has worked for xx for 6 years via various subcontractors and that he is one of the best workers. Being punctual, hard working and has never been reprimanded. In view of this, and others on site, co will note and monitor.

believed to have worked at JLE during the dispute. Information awaited to indicate whether involved actively in dispute or not.

subject along with others is an electrician who is a troublemaker and is politically motivated.

Subject took part at violent picket at xx. But avoided arrest.

subject along with 4 others whom we know of are travelling around sites in a gang. We have no proof of anything on this man but the leader of the gang is xx

Card 3 for info only: see ref xx for X,Y and Z similarities.

Note: no firm link can be made, however.

He has strong left wing tendencies.

no trace of subject on voters list.

Applied to xxxx via xx at Portcullis House contracts Co has not employed

These details thought possibly to belong to a son of xx (no proof he has a son)

xx. Confirmed some of the above.

A sound workman, but would not be re-employed as judged to be too difficult to handle.

This man is a troublemaker of the first order. He started with X in September on their XY site. He frequently calls meetings (which he calls "discussions") in working hours and sells the Morning Star in the canteen. Does all he can to cause strikes. He openly "breaks all the rules" but has a slick answer every time he is called to account. A real clever devil, and a potential danger to any firm who should engage him. Is a self confessed member of the CP and avid to increase membership. Will be leaving them shortly and will be "coming on the market".

He has gone round the site boasting that he is a Communist and stating that he is on a "blacklist". The company is "on the spot" and they realise that names should be checked before engagement and this they are proposing to implement. All they can do is transfer subject to a site where he can do the least damage. He has already brought xx in on his side.


Information from xx. He is on their xx site where he has been made shop steward. He is a Communist and has just joined the brotherhood. Is said to be a real troublemaker.


They found him to be very militant and a great aggravation and they are convinced he was behind their Christmas strike. We did a special on him in June 1977 and our opinion was that although he was a strong trade unionist he wasn't Militant. We suggest references are kept up.

Miner - tunnelling

Is employed by xx on a tunnel project at xx his brother xx, and several other Irish men who are normally London based, are working with him. They have recently had a 2 week strike over wages. He is a shop floor steward and holds very militant trade union views. He is usually chief spokesman for the Irish contingent and is a well practiced agitator. His political views are extreme left wing and very much in line with the CP. He is not a member of the Party, but will support any extreme left wing political organisation that will support the workers in the cause against officialdom.

Mr xx of xx Ltd telephoned to see if anything was known about the above named. Both the League and official sources knew nothing to the detriment of this man.

The following list were all believed to have been employed at JLE from 1997 to 1999. Jubilee Line list cards 1-10

At least 500 names attached with NINOs.


Very bad news - will close sites

Has been moved with 2 others (to avoid suspicion) on to another contract of the subcontractor.

reported to have requested employer xx to pay him off to go away.

It was emphasised that there is still an element of doubt in view of the entry of July 21st.

assenter to the CP candidate in the general election.

Subject is a shop steward and member of the TGWU. Is a troublemaker. If she is not a member of the CP her husband certainly is.

Joiner says he has charge hand experience and is a member of UCATT. Is believed to be a member of the CP

May 1974 phone check by xx, xx informed. Name appeared on lists from Scottish xx v74. Xx informed.

Scaffolder 6th June xx strike leader believed CP (Communist Party)

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