Scottish Affairs CommitteeSupplementary written evidence submitted by Mike Peasland

The following is a list of clarifications to the oral evidence given to the Scottish Affairs Select Committee by Mike Peasland on Tuesday 12 March 2013:

Question 2276: The number 15,000 referred to in Mr Peasland’s answer is the number of checks carried out during the entire period 2004–2008. This was clarified by Mr Peasland later in his oral evidence in his answers to Q2441–2444.

Questions 2312 and 2361: Balfour Beatty does have some limited information about the number of individuals who applied for employment with Balfour Kilpatrick Limited, or sought employment on a Balfour Kilpatrick site through an agency or a sub-contractor, who were then checked with the Consulting Association but were not subsequently recruited. Other operating companies within Balfour Beatty did not maintain this type of information.

Questions 2322 and 2332: Mr Peasland’s answers to these questions specifically related to projects for which Balfour Beatty companies directly employed individuals rather than to those projects where only sub-contractors were used.

Question 2399 and 2341: No written records relating to the provision of information to the Consulting Association in 1999 and 2000 have been identified. Mr Peasland’s evidence that such information was provided is the result of investigations with individuals.

Question 2402: The decision to provide information to the Consulting Association in 1999 and 2000 was taken by the Balfour Kilpatrick HR department specifically, and only, in relation to two projects (the Royal Opera House and Pfizer in Sandwich, Kent).

Question 2424: Mr Peasland’s answer that, “It was just the ones that were not cleared that came back” refers to specific information about individuals coming back from the Consulting Association rather than to any communication coming back. If an individual was cleared, the Consulting Association would simply inform the company without providing any information.

Questions 2491, 2507 and 2543: Mr Peasland was mistaken in his understanding that it was Mr Beck that informed Mr Raby about Mr Wainwright’s allegation of blacklisting. Mr Raby became aware of Mr Wainwright’s allegation when Mr Wainwright raised the issue in 2006 and subsequently brought Employment Tribunal proceedings against Haden Young Limited.

Questions 2606 and 2611: Balfour Beatty ceased contact with the Consulting Association prior to receiving the ICO’s Enforcement Notices. Balfour Beatty decided that, as the ICO was investigating the matter, it would be inappropriate to have any further contact with the Consulting Association, or to pay any further invoices.

March 2013

Prepared 15th April 2013