The Referendum on Separation for Scotland: Terminating Trident-Days or Decades? - Scottish Affairs Committee Contents


Nuclear weapons in Scotland could be disarmed within days and removed within months.

We accept the analysis of Scottish CND that, with the cooperation of the Royal Navy and the UK Government, this process would be both speedy and safe.

We recognise that such speedy action would inevitably create the prospect of unilateral nuclear disarmament being imposed upon the Royal Navy and UK, since the construction of facilities elsewhere could take upwards of 20 years.

Any insistence upon the speediest possible removal of nuclear weapons from a separate Scotland would undoubtedly have consequences for the negotiation of the terms of secession and upon a future separate Scotland's relationship with other countries and international organisations.

Given that the people of Scotland deserve to know the full consequences of separation before, rather than after, they vote, we request that the UK and Scottish Governments establish the consequences of the removal of Trident as part of the whole secession agreement as soon as is practical, and for both to discuss with our international partners the impact of such an agreement.

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Prepared 25 October 2012