Transport CommitteeWritten evidence from 20’s Plenty for Us

20mph speed limits for residential and urban roads are seen as one of the key foundations for providing greater safety for cyclists.

20’s Plenty for Us have been a key player in the successful campaign for lower speeds and now have 118 local 20’s Plenty for Us campaigns around the country. Most of those involve cycling and walking advocates working together to bring more equitable vehicle speeds to community roads. This not only benefits cyclist but also those driving and walking on our streets.

Our focus is on whole communities making 20mph the default for residential roads and now over 7.5 million people live in local authorities with such a policy. These include Portsmouth, Oxford, Warrington, Lancashire, Liverpool, Bath and NE Somerset, York, Darlington, Bristol, Brighton, Newcastle and the London Boroughs of Islington, Camden and Hackney.

Ourselves and campaign members have been involved with all of these local authorities in establishing the moral, financial and political mandate for slower speeds. We are have published many briefing sheets, reports and press releases on the issues and been asked to speak to politicians and transport officers in Brussels and New York, as well as the devolved countries of the UK. We also have an excellent grasp of the technical issues and guidance.

We would therefore be very willing answer any questions which the Committee has on this import intervention, especially with regard to the way that implementing on an authority-wide basis creates a collective community commitment to behaviour change and maximises compliance.

March 2012

Prepared 18th July 2012