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CONTENTS: Quantitative Easing

On this page is the written evidence received and accepted by the Committee as evidence for the ongoing inquiry into Quantitative Easing. The written evidence is available as a consolidated pdf version and as individual html files.

Consolidated volume of written evidence PDF version PDF

HTML version

1 Professor Jagjit Chadha and Jack Meaning, University of Kent

2 Rodney Atkinson, Visiting Fellow, University of Buckingham

3 Society of Pensions Consultants

4 Donald Roy

5 Dr Ros Altman, Director General , Saga

6 Thomas Fitch

7 Pension Corporation

8 Positive Money

9 Thomas Fitch (supplementary)

10 Leigh Harkness

11 Professor Philip Haynes, Head of School, School of Applied Social Science, and Professor of Public Policy, University of Brighton

12 Mr Jack Sadie

13 Mr Alan W Kay

14 Saver our Savers

15 Royal Bank of Scotland

16 National Association of Pension Funds

18 Mr. Alan W Kay FCA

19 Leigh Harkness - Supplementary Evidence

20 Roger Farmer, Distinguished Professor of Economics, UCLA

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Prepared 26 April 2013