Welsh Affairs CommitteeFurther written evidence from the Department for Transport

The Committee asked the DfT to provide specific information on the following points.

On discussions with the Welsh Government and the possibility of Swansea/Neath Port Talbot being recognised as a single “core” port:

The TEN-T network has been developed/discussed with the WAG taking into account the thresholds/criteria set by the Commission. Swansea/Neath Port Talbot do not meet the thresholds to be a core port, even when they are combined.

On the inclusion of South Wales in the Dublin-Paris-London-Brussels “core network corridor”:

We have reserved our position on the Corridors until we are clearer what the requirements associated with these might be. The list of indicative projects in CEF was developed with the WAG but was again based on criteria set by the Commission. There will also be annual calls for bids as there is now. Any bids will need to meet the criteria which will be set by the Commission based on proposals in the TEN-T Regulation.

On progress with the European Commission’s TEN-T proposals:

The European Parliament (EP) amendments have been considered by the Presidency/Member States at Working Group meetings. The Presidency is seeking to agree a mandate to start trialogues with the EP. The Presidency is aiming to achieve a First Reading Agreement during their term which is January to June.

February 2013

Prepared 5th March 2013