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Welsh Affairs Committee - Written Evidence

CONTENTS: Cross-border road and rail connectivity in Wales

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TIW 01 John Harrold

TIW 02 Institute of Civil Engineers (Cymru)

TIW 03 South East Wales Economic Forum

TIW 04 Welsh Government (Carl Sargeant AM)

TIW 04b Further written evidence from the Welsh Government

TIW 05 Nick Smith MP

TIW 06 First Great Western

TIW 07 Network Rail

TIW 08 Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (UK) Wales

TIW 09 Rail Freight Group

TIW 10 Railfuture Wales

TIW 11 Severn Tunnel Action Group


TIW 13 British Ports Association

TIW 14 Bristol Airport Limited


TIW 16 South East Wales Transport Alliance

TIW 17 Ian Lucas MP

TIW 18 Flintshire County Council

TIW 19 Monmouth County Council

TIW 20 Professor Stuart Cole

TIW 21 Department for Transport

TIW 22 Freight Transport Association

TIW 23 Passenger Focus

TIW 24 Arriva Trains Wales

TIW 25 Rails4Wales

TIW 25a Rails4Wales

TIW 26 Barry Consulting Ltd

TIW 27 Greengauge 21

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