Youth Unemployment and the Youth Contract - Work and Pensions Committee Contents

List of additional written evidence

(published in Volume II on the Committee's website

1  A4e Ltd   Ev w1

2  Association of Colleges  Ev w4

3  Association of Employment and Learning Providers   Ev w7

4  Careers Development Group   Ev w11

5  Centrepoint  Ev w14

6  Changemakers  Ev w18

7  City & Guilds  Ev w21

8  The Foyer Federation  Ev w23

9  Gateshead Council  Ev w26

10  JHP Group Ltd  Ev w30

11  Learndirect  Ev w32

12  William Morrison Supermarkets plc  Ev w34

13  New Economy  Ev w35

14  Prospects Services Ltd  Ev w39

15  Reachfor  Ev w40

16  Rehab Group  Ev w44

17  Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations  Ev w47

18  Shaw Trust  Ev w51

19  UK Commission for Employment and Skills  Ev w54

20  vInspired  Ev w58

21  The Wise Group  Ev w62

22  Working Links  Ev w64

23  Young Fabians  Ev w67

24  YMCA England  Ev w69

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